Quick Spoilers: Deadpool #6 A New Assassin

Deadpool #6 is in stores tomorrow. It features a new assassin, who seems to be a foe for Deadpool from what we are seeing. Check it out below:

The name is definitely a play on Deadpool’s name (Dead/Kill Pool/Puddle)

13 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Deadpool #6 A New Assassin”

  1. I did very well on those Harley Quinn 26 1:25s made a killing in fact still have 2 in case we ever get red tool in a movie.

    1. Maybe but I believe Disney fired the creative think tank team when they bought Marvel and it is now comprised of the execs 4 year olds from the daycare department. They figured buying milk and cookies is a good way of saving shareholders money.

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