One Week Later Report for 10/31/2018 Releases

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 10/31/2018.

DC Books
Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman Witching Hour #1 Federici Cover B saw a little success but not as much as some of the past issues.
Sold out still at most online retailers, this was just a quick double your money book with most sales hovering around the $8 range on average.
I really dislike how DC is doing the titles for this story arc though. It started as Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark Witching Hour and then they switch it around, both being a #1.
It’s both a positive and negative when searching eBay for this book since both will show up in the search results.
Hex Wives #1 saw some early online sold out but even with a Jenny Frison Cover B, not a whole lot of heat on this book.
There were a few early sales at $12.99 but that was with free shipping. A few more $10 average sales but since this is a $5 or so book.
I say just hold if you nabbed a copy or two. Could be a nice long term gamble if the book gains popularity over time and or gets that media option that sends people rushing back out to find and buy cause they just don’t wanna miss out. You can still find the regular cover A at most shops.
Marvel Books
Avengers Halloween Special #1 saw a slight bump in value for the Zaffino variant but for a book that’s $4.99 and it’s selling for $8.99 at it’s peak, really might not be worth your time trying to flip since some are listing them at $4.99 cover price. Plenty to go around.
It might have more potential but we saw Daredevil #610 become a solid $15 book after some initial $10 sales.
Why is this one so special? Well we all know people aren’t rushing out to buy this because Daredevil is going to die (or will he, they’re labeling it as the death but who knows for sure), it’s the first full appearance of the new villain Vigil, which made a quick cameo in issue #609.
I say for you completists, grab a #609. Seems the market is steering towards issue 610 but if this new guy takes off (unless it turns out to be Frank Castle or Gamora), could be a long term gamble that pays off one day.
Spider-Force #1 hasn’t seen much success for the regular covers but the Benjamin Ryan Variant¬†seems to be creeping up the value board.
It started off at the $50 range which most shops likely listed theirs at but a recent sale puts it at the $110 dollar mark, with a few other previous sales in the $70 range.
So if you got them cheap, now could be a good time to dump to make quick profit as this one could turn into a dud over time if the new Spiders don’t catch on. If you sell now and it heats up more afterwards, don’t beat yourself up for not holding longer, that’s just how the spec game is played. If you held all the books you think have potential, you’d lose more than win.
Indie And Small Publishers
Riptide #3 is seeing some success. It’s a solid $10 book on average for most sales.
Now’s the time to sell though. History tells me the hot titles after issue 1 seem to sizzle off and any future media options most will seek out the first issue in the series.
If you find these out in the wild, tread lightly. I can only suggest picking up a copy to read if you missed out initially.
It wasn’t a big week for indie books but another one that was selling out online actually is back in stock at time of writing.
That goes to the Stranger Things #2 Greg Ruth cover. It’s certainly an awesome cover that truly captures the feel of the first season of Stranger Things. It would have been so much better if they made it a virgin variant cover.

Not a terrible week considering it was on the 5th Wednesday. Hopefully next week brings out a few more winners.

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