Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 88

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. It is time for more hidden gems, comics that I have found online and on eBay. But before we unravel them. I want to say a few things. First of all, thank you all for everything. Thank you for always reminding me you don’t need sight to have a vision. Batman #58, Heroes in Crisis #2, Daredevil #610 are my reads of the week. Now then, let’s make the paper shall we?
1. Bruce Lee the Dragon Rises #1, 2, 3, 4 – Darby Pop comics, an Indie publisher, did
this series. Awesome series of the legend. Small print run.
2. Archie & Betty Tijuana Bible –  If you’re looking for weird Archie comics go no further then this 1940’s risky Archie comic $30 and up. These 8 page spoof adult comics have a long history in comics. Weird, fun, collectables.
3. JLA #41 – final issue written by Grant Morrison. With Grant back at DC… Green Lantern looks great. With Happy having season 2,  I thought I would mention his best DC work of the 1990’s. Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s JLA is a classic #testify $1-5
4. Battlestar Galactica #0 photo cover – Well Trisha Helfer does the convention scene. wow she is beautiful, #testify. She is aging well and this book is perfect for an Signature Series.. get her to autograph it get it witnessed and turn $5 into $75-150. This was a fan favorite show that lasted for several seasons and was awesome sauce!
5. Justice Macine #11 – Sam Keith is back in black. I am loving Batman the Maxx Arkham Dreaming. This is Sam’s second professional work after Primer #5 this can be found between $1-10 and is a must for the Sam Keith fan
6. Batman Confidential #40, 41, 42, 43–  Batman plus Sam Keith equals awesome cheap books great story and art $1-5
7. Dark Fantasies #1 – adult comic with a killer Joe M. Linsner, creator of Dawn, cover $10
8. Zorro #11  (Topps)-  I am huge fan of final issues. Low print run. Lady Rawhide and a Joe M. Linsner cover. It is cheap. Maybe one day Zorro gets a cool movie and maybe Lady Rawhide makes it to the screen, but even if not,  this is a cool comic $1-10
9. Punks the Comic #4 – Image series with sweet Todd Mcfarlane Spiderman #1 homage. This cover needs to no be not homaged for a while $5-10
10. Batman #123 Pizza Hut reprint – first of all Pizza Hut makes pizza great. Pizza Hut is the cure for a hangover #testify. Back in the 1970’s Pizza Hut  did these reprints of DC comics. I like this batman one a lot and finding them in the wild or high grade is a challenge $30-50
11. World’s Finest #197 and 198 – I can’t wait for the four night crossover on the CW. We will get a Flash vs Superman race. This is the third race in the comics and is underrated and undervalued the #197 is an oversized issue as well. This series as a whole needs more love $10 and up
12. Overstreet Price Guide #19 – features a Bob Kane Batman and Robin cover. It has an interview with Bob Kane and features the 50th birthday of batman wow has it been thirty years since this came out Overstreet price guides are cheap and easy to find $10-25
13. Incredible Hulk #474 – wow this is the final issue of the Incredible Hulk series. Original numbering anyway. Marvel should have never quit with legacy numbering. Sorting books is a nightmare. This has a low print run and I am surprised that 1990’s final issues are still cheap $5-20
Well that is it for this week. Have a blessed week. Thank you or being the greatest blessing in my life. Hope to see you guys at a convention in 2019
Blind Adam out

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  1. Always look forward to these gems.
    Marvel and their volumes upon volumes of series upon series. it is an absolute nightmare and even using software trying to find the series you’re looking for…

  2. Easy to agree that sorting comics is a nightmare and publishers shouldn’t quit legacy numbering. Now collectors need to check photos online to avoid buying wrong comic at stores.

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