New Comic Spec Review Video for 11/14/18

Anthony from talks about the hot new comic book releases of the week. here is this week’s for delivery 11/14/18:
Sorry for the lateness of this.

13 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 11/14/18”

  1. I think that is a great idea! Anthony, with so many cool T-shirts, this would be an even better video with theme music.
    May I suggest, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” for this week?

  2. Jay Furgeson “thunder island”. Find that shirt. Fun fact: Jay wrote the opening theme song to the office. But that’s more of a summer song. So you have time to find that shirt

  3. You mentioned the Alien 3 book was an adaptation of the original movie script. Do you, Tony or anyone, if the ‘original’ script depicted in this series is close to what was released to theatres? Or is it something completely different? I ask because Ive heard rumours about how the script that was used for the film was drastically altered from the original. This has piqued my interest.

    1. William Gibson’s Alien III was a 1987 script draft for a sequel to Aliens.[1] Gibson was the first of ten different writers to tackle the Alien3 project, and his first draft screenplay is arguably the most well-known of the unmade scripts for the film as it has been available to read on the internet for many years. The story bears no relation to Alien3 as it was ultimately made, and instead revolves around Corporal Hicks and Bishop battling genetically-altered Xenomorphs aboard an enormous space station named Anchorpoint.
      Gibson later produced a second draft of his script in 1988,[1] altering the overall tone of the screenplay fairly drastically — whereas the first draft is an action extravaganza very much in the vein of Aliens, the second draft radically scales back the number of Xenomorph antagonists to just three, and instead presents a story more akin to the claustrophobic horror of Alien. However, both iterations of Gibson’s screenplay were turned down by the studio. His attempts were followed by Eric Red’s unmade script.

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