Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/14/18

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 11/14/18:
Killer B Covers
Catwoman #5 Artgerm Variant – Artgerm has really flexed his creative muscles with some of these covers. This one is not his normal style so it is cool to see.
Detective Comics #992 Dell Otto Variant– A cover price Dell Otto variant is a must pick up, grab one.
Redhood Outlaw #28 Yasmine Putri variant– another great Putri cover. She has been doing great stuff lately.
Suicide Squad #48 Mattina Cover – Mel’s first law of Mattina is cover price Mattina is a must grab.
Wonder Woman #58 Jenny Frison Variant – Another must grab
New DC #1
Electric Warriors #1 – I applaud DC for trying new things, sure this is another superhero book but different. Steve Orlando is writing so it should be a good story.
Marvel Must Haves
Avengers #10 – Avengers hit their 700th issue with this issue. Milestone issues tend to do well, but not making this #700 could hurt it.
Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 – Last issue of the Donny Cates run, new character introduced.
Marvels Captain Marvel Prelude – These movie tie-in books have heated up in the past. This could offer insight to the movie.
Venom #8 – continues Donny Cates run on the book, which has been one of the best series of Venom in a long time.

New Image #1
Bitter Root #1 – new series from David Walker, Chuck Brown, Sanford Greene worth checking out, especially the Mike Mignola cover.
Small Press Gems
William Gibson’s Aliens 3 #1 – The original script for Aliens 3 in comics form. Going to be an awesome story with great art work. Probably won’t do anything on the secondary market, but will still be an awesome read.
Firefly #1 – brings the fan favorite tv show back to comics, with a cover by a comic fan favorite Jock available as well. The brown coat legions will be happy. Can probably sell these online for years to come.
Small Press Pick of the Week
Life Is Strange #1
Pick of the Week
Black Order #1 Christopher Variant – Awesome cover and approachable. This could be a big book for Marvel. The In-Hyuk Lee variant is going to be a monster.

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  1. Domino #8 has a great Morbius cover. Sold out already and going for about $10 before shipping on eBay. Low print run and no silly variant cover must be helping his out.

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