Once Our Land Movie In Production

Peter Ricq’s Once Our Land has not only been picked up for a movie but is in production. 

The book, which was originally successfully crowd funded and a Kickstarter Hardcover was released, before moving to Scout Comics for a single issue #1 and and issue #2 (there are some really inexpensive CGC 9.8’s on eBay.)
The official announcement will be forthcoming, but Once Our Land is in production for an Animated Movie, not only optioned, but in Production.

14 thoughts on “Once Our Land Movie In Production”

  1. I cleaned up on selling 1st prints of #1 when it was the “spec of the month club” darling a couple years ago. That and Henchgirl were great flips for a little bit

  2. I really liked this series and love the Hardcover Kickstarter I was able to get. I’m looking forward to the sequel series which is slated for release in January 2019.
    BTW Petre Ricq, the creator, is quite nice. He emailed me after I purchased OOL and I was surprised that he took the time to do that. It’s nice to know that creators appreciate it when someone takes interest in their projects.

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