CHU Black Friday

Every year we do a sale on the site. The same way we offer up deals throughout the year, we blow out a bunch of comics fairly cheap. This year, we are doing it again, but doing something extra special. In addition to the low priced comics, we are giving away a signed 9.8 CGC The Couch #1. 

First up, the giveaway. The Couch is written by writer David Byrne, a CHU reader, who also is partially owner of a comic shop and all around cool guy. You can check out him and his work at his site: David A Byrne. David hooked me up with a signed 9.8 CGC copy of his book, The Couch. Anyone who orders from any of the books listed below gets entered and has a chance of receiving the signed slabbed comic along with what they order. This is a special thank you for the people who help support the site with these sales, and by grabbing copies of the signed comics we offer up over the year. The book will be shipped free to one random winner.

If you grab something, comment below to ensure you get entered into the drawing, or add a message to the eBay listing.

I do combine items, so if you grab multiple comics, wait for an invoice. All books shipped boxed

Now on to the deals: (more will be listed as the day goes on Friday, so keep checking back)

Dead Rabbit #1  – $9.99 (4 Copies)

Iron Fist #1 (2017) Ryan Stegman Exclusive Variant Cover B  – $5 (1 Copy)

Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons # 1 Gencon Exclusive NM Variant – $9.99 (2 Copies)

VENOM FIRST HOST #1 SHATTERED VARIANT LETHAL PROTECTOR HOMAGE – $9.99 (4 Copies)  I kid you not, I had them already listed for higher and sold two copies earlier today


Venom #3 (1st Appearance Knull) Kirkham Variant Unknown Comics – $9.99 (3 Copies)

Venom #4 Tyler Kirkham Variant Unknown Comics – $9.99 (2 Copies)

VENOM #5 Ryan Stegman Unknown Comics Virgin Cover Limited to 600 copies – $9.99 (2 Copies)





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13 Responses to CHU Black Friday

  1. Ammar Zaidi says:

    Thanks! Grabbed a copy of the Venom First Host Shattered Variant!

  2. MC says:

    I purchased 2 books but didn’t see the note about combined shipping. Thanks for offering these books!

  3. Ken M. says:

    Wish it were cover price, but I snagged a copy of Dead Rabbit #1.

  4. Roger Litt says:

    where can i buy books from you?

  5. I bought 7 comics! Shipping was 28 bucks. No way to really get an invoice for combined shipping before paying with buy it now stuff so hope you will refund the extra shipping. Name is Jason D.

  6. JT says:

    Damn, missed out, i was at work 😥

    • Yea there were a few others I would have bought but they were already sold out :/

    • IndyKMB says:

      Just picked up Venom 3 and 7 for now, mite to come I’m sure! Like Jason D above, no option to combine shipping or await invoice, so I paid $8 shipping.

      Thx for posting these!

      • Anthony says:

        I’m going to refund everybody’s combine shipping. You have to ask for an invoice instead of paying straight away. I’ll take care of everybody. Look for refunds this evening on shipping

  7. D-Rog says:

    I think poyo is beating you on sales. Better lower your prices 😜

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