Poyo's Black Friday Listings

It’s a shameless plug I know but I’m getting rid of a bunch of books and I think I’ve listed most of these under the secondary market price and or under cover price for some.

So Click Here to visit my eBay current listings that started live at 5:00 AM CST.
Just a few of the books I have listed are Black Hammer #1 both cover A and B. I have a bunch of signed God Country books including issue #1 Cover A and B that is both signed by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw priced under current market trends.
I even stumbled upon a Civil War II signed by Bendis I forgot I had. The hot and recently recalled Dead Rabbit Cover A for just $9.99 and a whole slew of other books. Check them out and shop online, skip the brick and mortar stores.
I’ll be listing more over the coming days as time permits the digging through my own long boxes.
Also, for anyone who does make purchases from me that total over $20, just mention you’re a CHU reader or follower and I’ll waive shipping costs.
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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  1. Wow – 1st Red Goblin.
    For a few months there were daily posts everywhere on Red goblin. Brings back “fond memories” …. lol

    1. I know right. I have a feeling we havent seen the last of Red Goblin. He’ll be back just like so many of Spideys enemies.

        1. It’s a long term gamble I think. I loaded up on 798 for the long haul. Midtown had a 75% off sale months ago and had these listed for almost a buck each. I couldn’t resist. Even if it only turns out to be a $100 book in 20 years I’ll be happy.

  2. Grabbed a few items. PMd you about a third. Thanks!
    Didnโ€™t see an option to combine shipping, though. I assume youโ€™ll refund any difference?
    Thanks, man!

    1. I think eBay is broke. I’ll be fixing anyone’s shipping with actual shipping, so no worries. I never charge more than actual shipping.

        1. You know what’s funny about all those graded 9.9 to 10.0… I bet if you could take them all out, ship them in again to get graded, I bet some come out as 9.8 or lower..

    1. Yeah, others said same thing. I turned off “require payment immediately on everything”. But no worries, I’ll take care of everyone and refund the difference. I’m not out to make profit on shipping. I don’t even think I’m making profit on my listings.

      1. To be honest, I don’t think I looked for the request payment option. I figured you’d make it right either way and had no worries.

        1. Maybe adding to cart first then request total is the way to go. Not sure, Anthony said others were having same issue with his listings, never gave option to request total.

      1. Thanks, all is taken care of. And to the guy who beat me to the God Country 1 2nd print, I had it in my cart and then it was gone, like a dream upon waking. You ruined thanksgiving!! Just kidding! Hope everyone enjoys these awesome CHU deals!

    1. Looks like someone bought just one copy. But I’ll keep the deal open to anyone who buys Cover B I still have available. Just gotta message me after purchase.

      1. Very nice. I’ll take care of it. eBay acting strange not allowing people to request total before checking out completely.

      2. Ha! And another order placed, I did remember to put the “CHU reader” message this time. The Superman/Batman connecting covers are the B&W versions, right? That’s what it looked like in the photo, at least, not a big deal either way, though. Thanks.

        1. They’re not the BW variants. Paypal must be getting bogged down for Black Friday. I see the sales in eBay but the Paypal transactions are taking up to 5-15 minutes to show up. I’ll get this one taken care of as well Ken. Thanks again. You’re the winner so far as buying the most.. I might just have to send ya something extra. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh and for those not aware, just comment here or message me after purchase for the shipping. You can add a note as well when checking out you’re a CHU reader or follower.

    1. If you’re referring to the Rags, yes, link works. I have 2 remaining. Someone swooped in and bought 3 of the 5 available.

  3. So did anyone pick up anything good at their lcs’s today? I’m out of town, but the one nearest to me had a 50% off back issue sale, 25% off wall books.
    Picked up some neat back issues.
    Captain America 241 JC Penny reprint ($3)
    Marvel Spotlight 1 ($2.50)
    Catwoman 48, Middleton cover ($1.50)
    Go bots 1 LCSD cover ($3)
    Iron Fist 1, 2017 Fried Pie variant ($1 X 2 copies)
    Ghost Rider 1 2017 Fried Pie variant ($1 X 3 copies)
    I know there was another but I can’t think of it. Saw a bunch (3?) of domino 1 fried pies for $1 and passed. Not sure if I should go,back for them.

      1. Oh, more than a troll. Total douchebag loser. Next time someone ever claims they can only afford X amount of dollars for a book trying to get sympathy from me I’m just going to deny them and block them. If they’re that tight on a budget they should get off eBay.

    1. Oh, yeah. That craptastic eBayer. I was gonna mention it on my Likes and Dislikes but never went back to amend after I’d already written it up.
      So get this, eBay ID casc-75 (yeah, I’m calling them out) sent me an offer of like $63.30 (shipping was priority mail at $6.70) saying they could not afford a dollar more over $70. I went ahead and accepted since at that point it was nothing but profit for me after I sold the first Wolverine I had from NYCC for around $100 (they were $25 each at the con).
      So after accepting, I went ahead and listed the next Wolverine I had to sell. casc-75 still hadn’t paid yet but about an hour after posting the next Wolverine for the same price (I think I had them listed at $85 or so by then), I get an offer for $70. I’m like, awesome, I’ll sell this one at $70. Like I said, it’s nothing but profit at this point.
      I click review offer to go accept and I notice immediately, it’s casc-75 again. Wait a minute, he’s offering $70 but earlier he said he couldn’t spend not a dollar more than $70 total with shipping.
      This raised all kinds of red flags for me. First of all, casc-75 lied about how much they could spend by going around and making another offer not only on the same book but from me, the same seller.
      So I declined, sent a message asking why they would say they can’t spend more than $70 total but make an offer on my other book at $70 + $6.70 shipping.
      After about half an hour or so with no response, I went ahead and canceled the first transaction as I felt it was just a ploy to remove my listings perhaps it was just a seller trying to boost their own listings with a shill account. I felt I had every right to cancel.
      casc-75 finally responds apologizing about the mishap, trying to say he thought the next one had free shipping, etc. Sorry, it’s been canceled. They asked me if I’d reconsider, I told them no at this time.
      About an hour later they respond laughing saying they found one for even cheaper at $55. I tell him good for them but did a quick search and found that only drewbiz was the only seller selling at that price plus I could tell from the pic he sent as I matched it to drewbiz. I kindly sent a warning to him that it’s just ComicXposure and they have bad history of horrible customer service and he should steer clear.
      After that he just starts to troll me, got personal saying I’m a terrible businessman and he felt sorry for anyone who bought from me, etc. All kinds of nonsense.
      Finally I tell him to stop acting like a troll and to stop messaging me.
      So he leaves negative feedback. I called eBay and asked how they could leave feedback on a transaction that was canceled. They said they could leave it based on their experience with me despite me telling them to read my messages that it was him getting personal and started the attacks on me.
      So again, eBay doesn’t care about sellers as they said it was unlikely his feedback would be removed. They just claimed it would not affect my seller rating since it was feedback based on opinion rather than the actual product since it was never shipped.
      So that’s the story. I can only tell everyone to go ahead and block CASC-75 at this time. Not worth your time.

        1. At least that’s the rumor I’ve heard.. I won’t cite my sources but I’m pretty sure it’s an account by ComicXposure.

      1. With 8 negative and 3 neutral on the month (29 and 48 for the year) why would you buy from this seller? I donโ€™t care what volume he/she puts out.

      2. You can request that eBay review the feedback and as a reason choose that itโ€™s a competitor that is trying to make you look bad. I had an ass leave me bad feedback because he said an av Spider-Man 9 2nd print I had Vf/NM was was Vf …I proceed to say that I would gladly take the return and offer a full refund since the book is only going up in value. Yeah that wasnโ€™t good enough for him so he proceeded to berate me through messages and gave me a negative feedback rating. The process of getting the feedback deleted wasnโ€™t too hard. Call eBay technical support. They can review the messages and as long as you didnโ€™t let the troll have it you should be ok.

        1. I already opened an inquiry and called eBay. They already told me more than likely the feedback will stand since he’s “expressing his opinion” based on the fact the order was canceled. It’s utter BS. Feedback should be scored when a transaction is followed through.
          It takes a lot for me to leave a negative. You either have to really do me wrong or ignore me out right to deserve a negative.
          Honestly I kept checking to see if the buyer ever followed through with his purchase of a Wolverine, from what I can tell, they never did. I have a feeling it’s a shill account, they only did enough purchases to get feedback to make it look more legit. But there’s no real way to prove that.

      3. Funny thing is I had 3 copies of the book all in the same shape. I listed another one as fn/vf to be safe for the same price and the same dude bought it. I promptly canceled that one then I put that guy on my blocked bidder list.

  4. I have bought from drewbizz also, but learned the hard way. horrible customer service, rude when he does answer question. wont buy from again.

    1. I bought once long ago and didn’t realize the buyer until afterwards. Didn’t have any issues but only heard the stories.

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