Final CHU Black Friday Deal: Dead Rabbit #1 Third Eye Variants

First off, thanks to everyone who grabbed something off the CHU. I sent out over 50 packages on Monday. These sales really go to support the site. We are changing hosts in the next couple of weeks and self-hosting, transfer, and set up has been a massive under-taking. So anyway, I ran into a pretty sweet deal and wanted to share.

I have several copies of the Dead Rabbit #1 Third Eye Variant. These have been selling between $34-$39 recently. I am giving access to them at $12.50 Plus shipping.  If you grab more than one, wait to be invoiced before paying. It will make things go a lot smoother.

20 thoughts on “Final CHU Black Friday Deal: Dead Rabbit #1 Third Eye Variants”

  1. went straight to paypal, so couldnt wait for invoice. You can give me a deal next time, or include another book for free if you like! Thanks!

      1. Whatever works for you my man—it’s always appreciated! This is a great deal and I’ll be giving 2 of these away to fellow collectors who would really appreciate it.

    1. I need a new server. The site handles a lot of traffic. It is basically free hosted. Also tired of WordPress putting their ugly ads on the site to pay for the hosting. Would rather put my own ugly ads up to pay for the hosting.

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