Spoilers: Daredevil #612 Death of Daredevil?

Daredevil #612 is out tomorrow. The Death of Daredevil storyline has been going on. So do we get a Death this week? I can say we see Vigil unmasked. See below for full details:

I am going to admit I have not been reading Daredevil. Seems that it has been told in some sort of Flashback style. I could be wrong on that. But we do get one death at least (or so it seems…)

Daredevil comes face to face with….

And, well you knew this was gonna happen.

And then the mask comes off.

We do see this following the fight…

The book fades to black but then we get…..

Need to see where this is going to go. New Daredevil series is starting soon.



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10 Responses to Spoilers: Daredevil #612 Death of Daredevil?

  1. Daniel P says:

    Vigil is Mike Murdock… Daredevil 606 should heat up.

    • Anthony says:

      Wouldn’t that be the original Daredevil #25 where Mart Murdock comes up with the fake Mike Murdock only to be later shown as the real brother Matt never knew he had?

      • D-rog says:


        I thought DD 25 just was the “idea” of Mike…he came up with the alias but it was always Matt…606 is the first physical character that is Mike Murdock that’s not an alias of Matt.

      • Anthony says:

        He wore the get up of Mike Murdock in a bunch of the early issues.

      • Daniel P says:

        Yep, well DD 25 is the first mention of him, but the Reader brings him to life in DD 606 so that should be considered the 1st appearance. I actually considered buying heavy on DD 25 last week when I started putting the story together in my head, but I really don’t think it gets much of a bump from this. DD 606 is the one to get, assuming Mike Murdock sticks around…

  2. D-rog says:

    Daredevil/Matt Murdock hasnt got through a physical death and been resurrected yet, right? Not even during the infinity gauntlet?

    If so, maybe his number is up. Will likely pick up 606/607 tomorrow if they’re still in the rack. Looks good!

  3. D-Rog says:

    Speaking of hearing up, what do you think the symbolism is behind Daredevil with the flames coming from his head in the add for the new Daredevil series coming out in February…I think the arc is titled “Know Fear.”

    Maybe he makes a deal with the “real” devil, Mephisto, to com back?

    Mashup with Ghost Rider? (Doubt it….doesn’t seem like a good mix..and what would you call it? Ghost Devil? Dare Rider?)

  4. Lonzilla says:

    Mike Murdock was at the hospital when Vigil attacked DD so he either had a partner wear the costume, or Mike isn’t Vigil and Matt was having a Jacob’s Ladder type dream and dreamt that he saw his own face under Vigil’s mask. Or Matt and Mike have a triplet. Who the hell knows. Was an enjoyable 4 issues.

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