Check the Stacks: Grumble #1 (A Comic Heating Up)

When you go out comic shopping tomorrow, do not forget to check the stacks for this flip opportunity. Grumble #1 is the new book by the pug-loving artist Mike Norton. 

So here is the scoop on this book that is heating up. Cover A has sales around $4-10 range. The higher end of that is not bad for a $4 book that came out last week. Still, not the best flip, but there is more.

  Cover B, shown to the left, has sales as high as $19.99, with sales today in the $14 range. It is sliding off a bit but potentially money to be made there.


But the real money is coming from the Secret Word Bubble Variant. These are selling for as much as $45.00  today,  (auction) and others making a quick flip at $17-$40.

Check this links to see the images of the  Secret Word Bubble Variant from eBay listings. There seems to be two different word balloon variants, each with a different saying.


So check the stacks tomorrow. Could be worth it!

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  1. There are two secret variants. There is one where the girl is talking, but the even rarer one is where the dog is talking. Good Hunting.

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