One Week Later Report for December 5th, 2018

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 12/5/2018. This week had some great indie books hitting the shelves, so let’s dig in to what’s happened since they were released into the wild.

DC Books
No clear winners yet, most if not all the DC books that came out this week you can still find at your local retailer or online shops for cover price.
There was a surprise in Batman #60 which I think we can expect to lead up to some more exciting books in the near future that link back to issue #38, but it’s all speculative at this point. We’ll have to just wait and see.
I will note that Martian Manhunter exceeded my expectations and was my favorite new read from this week. Have you all seen Middleton’s issue #2 cover in my likes and dislikes? Like Blind Adam would say..  it’s #awesomesauce.
Marvel Books
Marvel didn’t see a lot of movement on the secondary market from this week either. With some books sold out at online retailers, this didn’t amount to any heat.
Immortal Hulk #10 In-Hyuk Lee Variant was one of our picks from last week. Although it’s a great cover and a must for any In-Hyuk Lee fan to throw into their personal collection, this didn’t see much movement with sales at cover price.
There’s a few listings of throwing cover A with this one as a set for around the $8.99 price range but unless those sellers got these at dealer cost, that’s not much of a profit margin for a $3.99 price book.
The new Killmonger #1 Movie Variant saw some movement on the secondary market with one sold listing at the $15 mark, not much heat since. Most sales were around the given retailer price range for this ratio variant so this one only worked out for sellers if they got it for cover price. If you missed out though, lots of sales at the $6 or so.
Bill Sienkiewicz has his fans but they weren’t flocking for his new Winter Soldier #1 incentive variant.
Most shops would list this at around the $30 range and these only peaked at $35 briefly with one sale, a handful or so at the $25 range and the rest below $25. One sold at $10.
So now’s the time to buy if you missed out, you can likely find this one for cheap on the secondary market.
There was one more book that is doing well but it was likely out of reach for most people being a 1:100 hidden gem variant.
That goes to Uncanny X-Men #4 Mark Brooks Hidden Gem Variant that most retailers listed around the $100 retail price range but sales have been upwards of $250 but most have settled around the $200 price range.
Not bad if you found for dirt cheap. Sell’em as I don’t think this one will stay at $200 for long but what do I know, I’m just a chicken right? I like Mark Brooks art most of the time but this one I wouldn’t classify as one of his better covers.
Independent and Small Publisher Books
Once again I find myself talking about Rags again. We saw Rags #1 second print hit stands and it’s enjoying more success selling at a peak of $50 but has since settled as a solid $15 to $20 book.
These sold out quickly online and I actually visited my local shops which got none of them. Since Rags announced the self-published would become a print to order, the Antarctic Press books seem like the more desirable ones as of lately.
Although it was a $10 book to start off with, Dunkirk One Shot is seeing some slight success being a solid $20 book with a couple at around the $25 sold price range. Not a whole lot listed and not a whole lot sold.
So if you can find them, might not be a bad pickup, especially for you War history buffs.
The Source #1 hit stands again with a second print variant. Selling out online and being scarce at most retailers (again, my local shops got none), these aren’t seeing the same success as the first print.
Most sales have been around the $10 average range with a few sellers listing them at $5.
We also saw issue 2 hit stands as well, selling out really fast at Midtown and other retailers who listed them in advance.
These have been a solid $10 to $15 book with a rare retailer variant that’s limited to just 300 selling around the $30 range. Still not a bad pickup if you can find them and intend to flip.
Ogre #2 turned out to be a solid $10 book itself, give or take a few bucks on some sales. This sold out quickly online despite being limited to just 1 by Midtown.
Still not a bad week but not a real solid week. A lot of these books being 2nd prints and or the second issues in series despite we know having a smaller print run aren’t usually as desirable from first issues or first prints. But over time if these are ever optioned with media deals, these could turn into long term hold winners.

13 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for December 5th, 2018”

  1. Im not a big fan of this ‘word bubble’ variant phase that some titles find themselves in. Though, It is neat to hunt for ‘secret’ variants at the shops. I prefer something different with the art or inks, as opposed to just word bubbles.

  2. Poyo must be my lost twin. Martian Manhunter is my now fav DC book. I love the killer B covers but the stories suck. M. Manhunter is different. Also word bubbles and Kirkman suck.

    1. Oh and yes Immortal Hulk in my mind has the best covers and stories. So underrated as a series. I’ve dropped all spider everything and went with this. Yes sadly after 20 plus years of Spider-Man I’m done with it.

    2. I dropped spiderman after issue 801. But have grabbed all immortal hulk back issues…making that my marvel regular along with Moon Girl.

    1. Don’t be hijacking my Weekly Reports! I kid, I kid.

      The only Hot Topics in my area are about a 20-30 minute drive without traffic and the one time I did check one out, I felt like an old creepy guy in there.

        1. Heh.. nope. But being older and walking into a store that’s targeting the 12-20 year old crowd, you can sure bet some hairy dude with a beard feels like a creeper in there if I don’t have my own kids with me.

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