Artist Spotlight – In-Hyuk Lee

This is something new I think will be fun with an ongoing spotlight of some of the comic book industry artists. This first one I wanted to do a spot light on In-Hyuk Lee who I think has been on fire lately with some pretty impressive covers.

Let’s review some of his latest cover art and how they’re doing on the secondary market.

This more recent one Lee did for Black Order #1 was a success, being a 1:50 ratio variant. It saw sales as high as $300. With Black Order #1 having only around 32,532 print run size reported by Comichron, that makes this 1:50 all the more special.

Sales seem to have cooled off some but most listings at Buy It Now start around the $115 range which is still more than double it’s standard retailer 1:50 price that most shops list these at. It’s a sweet cover and it’s definitely one for the personal collection if you can snag one at a good price.

Next up is In-Hyuk Lee’s Infinity Generals Variants he did for Marvel’s Infinity Event. These were all 1:75 ratio variants to my knowledge. If you can find them for cheap, these are some pretty sweet covers of the Black Order Generals. I would love to put together a set to set side by side as they are all connecting covers.

Click on the images to check these on eBay sales of each.

One of my favorite covers is a recent Black Panther #1 Variant which was a 1:25 ratio variant. He also did a sweet regular Cover A for Black Panther #3 for the most recent Black Panther series. I would totally welcome more covers from Lee for this series.

Now one of Lee’s hardest to find covers was one off his earliest cover artwork he did for Marvel which goes to Avengers Assemble #13 Variant which was a 1:50 variant. At the time I wrote this, there is only 3 available and they’re all CGC graded copies, one in Canada at a 9.6 grade and they’re pretty pricey. The 9.6 is listed at $300 and the others that are 9.8 start at $500. But it’s definitely a prize for any In-Hyuk Lee fan and collector.

The total print run for this book was just 28,432 so as a 1:50 variant with likely a bunch of other hula hoops Marvel makes retailers jump through to qualify for these, there just can’t be that many out in the wild. Maybe someone who owns a shop and diamond account can recall the qualifications for this one so we can narrow down just how many there might be out there.

As In-Hyuk Lee has a bunch of covers and art under his belt, we can go on and on so I just wanted to highlight what I think is some of his artwork and here’s a few more I think we can all appreciate.


New Avengers #31 just carries that creepy vibe. You can still find these online for cover price. Everyone likely remembers the recent Marvel Zombie #1 which slightly heated up a few months back.

Amazing Spider-Man #700.5 didn’t get much appreciation I think because who cares about those issues with decimal points? Still available online but still a pretty cool cover I think. The last is one of his most recent covers. Conan vs. Marvel Heroes variant for Immortal Hulk #10 which did sell out but it didn’t catch a whole lot of heat. I think most will be seeking out covers that are more inline with the current story line for the book and Immortal Hulk is getting great reviews so most will be seeking out the Cover A books I think for this series.

That’s a wrap I think for In-Hyuk Lee. Hope everyone enjoyed this new Artist Spotlight I want to keep doing. Maybe you all can suggest who the next artist we should focus on in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight – In-Hyuk Lee”

    1. Yeah, he’s doing some connecting X-Man covers as well so it’ll be interesting to check those out as well but I’m imagining these will be open orders. His ratio’d variants are the ones that really seem to take off.

  1. Im actually surprised this wasnt already a thing being done. Keep it up! Maybe dont even limit it to current artists. Maybe do a spotlight on important past artists like say Matt Baker for one example.

  2. Awesome article. Keep them coming, like someone said, lets not limit it to current artists, but also do past artists.

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