Mel V.’s Variant Picks for December 19, 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your weekly Variant picks for 12/19/2018. I’m trying to compile a list of store variants to do a end of the year awards for.. to be honest I have not be paying attention to many Store Variants so if you guys could help a brother out and give me some suggestions down in the comments.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #12 Cover B Variant Adi Granov Fantastic Four Villains Cover – I don’t like putting the monthly theme variants on the list, unless they are really really good… Well, this is really really great art. Late Cover Of The Year candidate

Darth Vader Vol 2 #25 Cover C Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover  – Del Otto and Vader could only make for greatness.. and it did, this sold out within seconds on Midtown

Freedom Fighters Vol 3 #1 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – I think this cover will be one of the sleepers of the week, I am definitely gonna pick up one

Grumble #2 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Limited Cover – Issue 1 did very well with the hidden variants, this one has a major artist attached, also sold out at Midtown

Killmonger #2 Cover B Incentive Jeff Dekal Variant Cover – Cover of the week for me, Absolutely love this cover

Marvel Knights 20th #4 Cover C Incentive Jae Lee Variant Cover – yet another sleeper.. surprised this is a ratio priced incentive. I love Jae Lee’s rendition

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios) #34 Cover D Incentive Linda Lithen Virgin Variant Cover – Yet another sleeper on the list. New Ranger team could cause some interest

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #3 Cover B Incentive Marco Checchetto Variant Cover – Yep, you guessed it another sleeper. A 1:25 for a book with a low print run and a major named artists attached… lets see what happens with this one

Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #55 Cover D Variant Vinz el Tabanas Risque Cover – This is one of the best Non-Mendoza Zombie Tramp covers I seen in a while.. keep an eye on this one

Life Of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #5 Cover C Incentive Kaare Andrews Variant Cover – I like this cover.. Possible 1st appearance, not sure though

14 thoughts on “Mel V.’s Variant Picks for December 19, 2018”

  1. Derek had a pretty sweet run on Iron Fist before it was cancelled. Have all his covers from that series. Big fan of his…likely won’t see this Killmonger cover in my travels tomorrow, unfortunately.

  2. Mari-Ell (Marie Danvers, Carol Danvers’s Mom) revealed to be a Kree alien all along (last page cameo in Life of Captain Marvel #3) in issue #4. Carol also learns that her (Kree) name is Car-Ell in this issue (#4)
    No 1st appearances, but IR (identity revealed)?? I guess?

      1. From what I understand Marie Danvers has been an established character from the 70’s? But her identity as an actual Kree alien is revealed. So not a 1st app, but instead a (retcon?) IR. Maybe it’s her 1st app in Kree armor/costume.

  3. No worries JayClue. I’m brushing up on her history myself before the movie. (Now this is ALL hearsay, 100% speculation) Supposedly, for the movie, her origin will borrow mostly from Life of Captain Marvel, as her published history is too convoluted for movie production. So if you got those Quesada virgin variants and haven’t slabbed them yet…..get on that.

    1. Luckily, my shipment wasn’t damaged from Diamond today of these beauties. My Catwomans, Vader 25 variant, and Freeedom Fighter 1’s were all but destroyed, though. Damn Diamond!

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