Poyo’s Spec and Drek for December 19th, 2018

It’s that time again where a chicken, yes, a Secret Agent Chicken tells you want to look out for and what to not look out for.

DC has some great looking covers this week. Marvel has a huge stack of new books (with lots of variants) coming out. The indie and small publisher looks like of bleak this week but they’ve pretty much dominated the past couple of months, so perhaps it’s expected to have a slow or light week from time to time.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Picked solely for it’s cover art, this weeks pick goes to Batman #61.

Sure Mattina makes some great covers but this one I really like. It’s just pure awesomeness. I don’t expect it to be a spec hit right off the bat but it’s definitely that book you grab for the personal collection.

There’s also a great Christmas themed Catwoman #6 Killer B cover by Artgerm but retailers have caught on and stock up on these.

Another book to look out for that’s already selling out online is Freedom Fighters #1 Cover B by Ben Oliver. Great rendition of Uncle Sam putting up his dukes, ready to fight for freedom. ‘Merica… Yeah! Imagine me saying that in my best redneck voice (no pun for you rednecks out there, half my family are rednecks).

Marvel Pick

Marvel has so many books coming out this week but my pick is sort of bias, since I finalized my pick based on my love of Vader and Dell ‘Otto.

Darth Vader #25 is a 1:25 variant so expect shops to up the price for this one but if you can find it for cover or cheap, it’s a nice grab for the collection.

Already sold out at Midtown and other retailers who have listed this weeks books early, a nice Dell ‘Otto variant usually goes quick, especially when it’s not a regular open order type cover.

Indie Pick

Not a whole lot coming out from the indie publishers this week but the new Love Town #1 from Devils Due and written/drawn by the Yuan brothers caught my attention.

At first glance the art for the cover sort of reminded me of Carver Paris Story, which was a great noir as this one is as well.

Already selling out at Midtown and others online, definitely going to be a small print run and likely hard to find. I don’t expect much heat but you never know. These types of books usually have their small niche type of readers and collectors so I’m not anticipating huge demand but hopefully it turns out to be a great read.

Small Publisher Pick

Breaking free from being just a supporting character in so many other Valiant books comes Livewire in it’s all new ongoing series.

Making her first appearance way back in 1993 in Harbinger #15 which can still be found for rather cheap, I’m looking forward to another ongoing Valiant character that has some promise. I’ve always enjoyed most of Valiants work. I know they limit themselves but they really could do a whole lot more in their Universe.

If they ever break out with some movies and they’re worthy, we can certainly expect some of these key characters with their first appearance heat up.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

I must admit, some of the cover art is cool but I really despise the themed variant artwork that have nothing to do with the book they throw them on.

So this weeks avoid goes out to all those Fantastic Four Villains variants. Nothing says avoid more than a Captain America or Amazing Spider-Man book donning villains for entirely different title book.

6 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for December 19th, 2018”

  1. Not for flipping, just for PC, I’m definitely picking up a couple of copies of ASM #12 Granov’s rendition of Galactus. Too epic to pass up photo. Sorry man. But love the rest of your list!!

  2. So much Red on Black cover inks this week. I love it! That Batman Mattina is badass. I also really like the fun, creative cover Stanley did for Christmas Cateoman. Beautiful, playful cover. Purr-fectly ? embodies the essence of Selena, imo.

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