Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 91

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Wow, we have a few days left until Christmas. Hey Santa Claus get my order right please? I wish you all a prosperous and blessed 2019. Batman Who Laughs #1, Batman #60, were my reads of the week. That Elseworlds crossover was awesomesauce. Gotham season five will be amazing, got to watch the first episode and go pick up the hard to find No Man’s Land books now. Titans was just a blast. Now I want and read Hawk and Dove. Well, don’t eat too much and remember please don’t drink and drive use Uber and eat cheese and bread before you drink now let’s make the money

1. GI Combat #274 – this book is the first appearance of the Monitor. Like I said, the Arrowverse DC crossover was amazing and next year’s crossover is Crisis, so the monitor will be big time and who really cared about GI Combat back in the day? $1-10

2. New Teen Titans #21 – 1st Monitor in shadows. Between Titans on DCU, the Arrow-verse and its Crisis storyline, new young readers into the hobby, I can see any key New Teen Titans comic gaining steam so dig through those dollar boxes $1-10

3. JSA Classified #1, 2, 3, 4 – Psycho-pirate on TV, #awesomesauce, and with these books what’s not to love? Powergirl in all her window glory. Adam Hughes art and covers. Classic story, just go find them, enjoy them, and flip them. This I command, always wanted to say that $10 and up

4. Flash #350 – final issue of the classic Flash series leads into the Crisis, leads into the Tornado Twins. Underrated, undervalued, final issue $10-25

5. Animal Man #23 #24#25#26 – Grant Morison Psycho Pirate issues, nuff said $5-15

6. Batman #353 2nd print and 3rd print– This Batman issue also has a He-Man preview comic in it and is maybe the true first or just at least an early He-Man appearance. The 3rd print is the money shot, just try and put together a set of all the multipack variants as it is happy hunting

7. Epic Illustrated #14 – Marvel Comics Return of the Jedi preview, Star Wars, huge fan base, get to searching $10 and up

8. Ultimates #25 – give my homie Nick from Key Collector credit for this book. Key collector is the John Cena of comic book speculation, either you love them or hate them, but no matter what Key Collector is just #awesomesauce and a great resource. Hulk holding the Infinity Gauntlet will be a great book in to own in April. Thanks Nick and don’t be haters use Key Collector #testify

9. Foom Magazine #14 – all Foom issues should be on the radar. Many first appearances, great art and stories. This features Conan and Red Sonja and is tough in high grade $35 and up

10. Superman Lois and Clark #1 – first John Kent as Superboy. I am still up in the air of what the first true John Kent is however this book needs more love. Just watch this week’s Supergirl ain’t spoiling it $10

11. Comics Interview #94 – Thanos Infinity Gauntlet cover. With the Marvel Age cover getting mad money I wanted to point this one out. Love these old school fanzines lots of meat on the bone $20-40

12. New Guardians #2 – most people know about this book. First Snowflame the superhero powered by cocaine if anyone has a copy for sale email me at comicpimpvip@gmail want to make a fan film of this $10 and up

12.5. Jason Todd Hush Action Figure – o.k. not a comic book. However, this was a mail in figure via Toy Fair magazine based on Jim lee art from Hush the classic Batman storyline. There is a Hush animated movie coming out in 2019 and I believe any key or rare Hush items should be snagged now $75-150

13. Batman #569 – No Man’s Land. Poison Ivy cover and story. Gotham season five. Cheap book, Sirens movie coming someday $1-5

14. San Diego Comics #3 – features a preview of the Mask. Classic movie and Dark Horse series. Wow, back when you could walk up to the ticket counter and buy a ticket to get into San Diego Comic Con those were the
days $10

15. Marvel Team-up #100 – Frank Miller cover. #whitecoversmatter. First time the Black Panther meets Storm. Fox and Disney merger, maybe the marriage can happen on screen?

16. Marvel Two-in-One #32 – Spider Women is coming to the theaters people. Jessica Drew gets no love but this is her second appearance and she teams up with Ben Grimm great cheap Bronze Age book $5 and up

O.k. that’s it for this week. Have a blessed holiday season. Don’t eat too much. Don’t drink and drive and if you’re drinking eat cheese and bread to line the stomach love you guys
Blind Adam out

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  1. Marvel Team-Up #100 is also the 1st appearance of Karma, the main reason it’s a key, and if the New Mutants movie spawns a sequel this book will explode

  2. Very nice list. Picked up a few on here that I didn’t have yet and yeah, remember fondly when I could drive down to San Diego for the con, park close for cheap, buy a ticket at the booth even on a Saturday without waiting long and be able to enjoy the show without feeling like a sardine. Those days are long gone!

  3. If we’re talking Spider-Woman and Key Collector Comics, I would like to give Nick a huge thank you for informing us that Amazing Spider-Man vol3 #9 is the first time Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Spider-Woman appeared together. And for pointing out the variant of that issue which is the 1st cover appearance of those 3 gals. I think that artist (Ferry)could see into the Future. And just for a little bonus it’s also Spider-Gwen’s 2nd appearance!

    To quote the great American poet Blind Adam: “This issue is gonna run wild brother!’

      1. I know my sources. It’s not hard to confirm it too. Silk and Spider-Woman aren’t in edge of spiderverse 2. This is Gwen’s 2nd app and silk and Spider-Woman are in it. I have seen the cover, all three are on it. Case closed. All sites have been wrong a time or two, not sure why you have to go out of your way to bash kcc all the time. Outstanding app run by a stand-up guy.

        1. I wasn’t specifically referencing the Spider-Woman. I was referring to its history of misinformation and other instances of breaking news, that is years old. I simply am trying to inform the general public not to trust that app at face value. I am suggesting that everyone should do their own research (likely from the same sources that the app would use. Ie. the internet) and you will never go wrong. Blindly trusting this app at face value, is dangerous for the hobby and risky for anyone looking to make solid investments in comics.

      1. Yes it’s that one. I’d never recommend anyone buy anything from them, the only reason they have an F rating with the BBB is because the ratings don’t go any lower than that. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the significance of this book, or it’s cover, in the secondary market or dollar bins. But yeah if you order it from comicxposure there’s a good chance Spider-Women will have already hit the theatres by the time it gets shipped, if it gets shipped…

      2. Drewbizz wholesales (or tries to) from CX, among other stores. He contacted a LCS of mine when they did their 1st Marvel Store Exclusive. From what I understand, Drewbizz gets wholesale prices on dinged books. Dont expect a 9.4 or 9.6, let alone a 9.8 from him. Again, this is hearsay.

      3. I’ve ordered from him multiple times. When he says NM he means it. No more, no less, always 9.2-9.4. But that’s only 10-12 books, small sample size. Might be worth a shot…

      4. I have ordered hundreds of books from him in the past too. He does not mean NM when he says it, in my dealings with him in the past. Drewbizz is well known amonst by comic elders that use this site. His reputation is definitely not a good one.

      5. Sorry. I must correct myself. Drewbizz does ship 9.2-9.4s, occasionally. But seriously, who wants a 9.2 modern book and pay a premium for that. Lol. I just got my NM98 from CGC, it is a 9.2, and Im disappointed about a 9.2 on a 25 year old, shitty paper stock, comic. I would be wholly pissed if I bought a recent modern and It arrived as a 9.2 candidate. Wholly pissed.

          1. Dont get me wrong. I am happy with a 9.2 on my NM98. It was purchased off the rack by a friend of mine on its release day. I was hoping for a 9.4 when I sent it out. Therein lies my disappointment with the 9.2.

      6. Agreed. That’s what I was trying to say. I haven’t been pleasantly surprised but everything was close enough where I couldn’t argue.

      7. made an offer, $5 less than asking. Came back with only $1 off asking. I asked for photos as proof I was buying NM condition as opposed to relying on a stock photo if I was to accept his price…The response I got:

        “No – I have well over 100 of these – so taking a specific scan means nothing as the odds on getting that particular book are very low. so buy it or don’t – doesn’t matter to me – but the books are all NM”

        He has 43 left in stock and not willing to go don more than $1 off asking price. What’s the point in even having a best offer?

        I’m also not paying $6 for it to ship first class shipping where I’m likely sending this back it it doesn’t live up to my expectations. Passing on this one.

      8. I think the part that rubs me the wrong way is the “buy it or not – doesn’t matter to me.” Why even offer that information? What does that have to do with me making a sale? Comes across as unprofessional….and not someone to trust in a business transaction.

    1. This is an old debate. There are 3 books in question when it comes to Jonathan Kent. His 1st, in baby form was Superman Convergence #2. He then makes his 1st full appearance as a young boy in Superman: Lois & Clark #1. He then dons his superboy outfit for the 1st time in Lois & Clark #8.

        1. There is a 1:25 for Superman: Lois & Clark issue #1 of as well. I believe that would be the book to have regarding Jonathan Kents 1st full appearance.

  4. superboy new 52 #19 is the first joan kent .and that came from the creator’s mouth superman #423 is a prototype as superman ahs a son named john in it.however I belive lois and clark #s1&8 are the books to make the money on. #testify blind adam out

    1. Isnt Superboy 19 the 1st appearance of Jon Lane Kent? And Convergence #2 the 1st of Jonathan Samuel Kent? With the latter being the current Superboy, as we know him. I don’t read Superman at all, and I know this is a convoluted character, with reboots et al.

      1. JayClue, gonna side track for a moment…I have a black order #1 JTC variant. It’s yours if you want it. Need to figure out how to get ahold of you.

        1. Thats awesome, D-rog. Greatly appreciated. Tony has my contact info. You could have him forward that to you. We can work out details once we are able to get in touch. Cheers.

  5. First appearance of Jon Kent is a good pick for people who like speculating on popular new characaters since Super sons is among top 100 best selling comics.

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