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Welcome to the Christmas to New Year glut in comics. The Final Order Cut off list is pretty empty this week, Wednesday only sees 11 new books (not including collected editions or variants), and the following week isn’t looking better. Doing what I normally do, I scour eBay looking for deals, mistyped titles, and cheap slabs. A ton of people are dumping books at blowout prices for a little extra cash for the holidays. Here are some highlights of deals on eBay right now. 

There are currently 1,445 CGC 9.8 slabs listed between .99 and $24.99  and most of them are actually slabbed comics, not just “CGC it” listings.

Batgirl and Birds of Prey #20 Adam Hughes Variant – Listed at $19.99 plus shipping, this was one of my favorite Killer B covers from Hughes this year.

Other Killer B’s include Harley Quinn Frank Cho Covers .

Red Goblin gets some cheap love with Amazing Spider-Man #797 and Amazing Spider-Man #799 for under $25 plus shipping.

There are a ton of Walking Dead slabs in 9.8 for around $17 (plus shipping)….. cheaper than you can have a slab shipped from CGC.


For slightly more, there are copies of Venom #7  in the $30 range. You can also grab a 9.6 Venom #5 Variant for $15.99 Ms. Marvel #31 Stephanie Hans Variant  is also in the $30 range 9.8. Another $30 range book is Bermejo Suicide Squad #16. a Bermejo Suicide Squad #2  is up for under $24.


You can see all the listings to see if there is anything you are looking for.

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  1. There is no better money making scheme I know of than selling Modern 9.8’s.
    Although for these prices, these folks selling appear to be losing their shirt after ebay/paypal fees …. dunno

      1. I was in that game about 15 years ago. Had arrangement with CGC where as long as I sent them at least 200 new books a month they did my 9.8 prescreens in like 9 days instead of the normal turnaround. Did it for like 10 months, and it ultimately was profitable, even with the time investment. But the “regular” 9.8s were essentially a wash. Average profit on them was less than a dollar. The only real money came from the 9.9s and the occasional 10s (I wound up with a dozen or so 10s and around a hundred 9.9s), and the books that happened to blow up so you got profit off a 9.8.

        But there’s quite a learning curve in packing books for shipping to CGC to maximize your chances of 9.9s and 10s. My pre-screen reject rate was under 5% and I don’t doubt a lot of sellers frequently turn a 9.9 into a 9.6 just getting them to Sarasota. I was opening shipments from Diamond using nitrile gloves, had a whole routine of how I disassembled the boxes so I had never had to pull comics out of them and risk scuffing the spine corners against the sides of the box.

        But once they are slabbed, all your costs are sunk. If the book is only worth $17 now, better to sell it and put that $17 to use rather than waiting for it to make a comeback. If you require a profit on everything you buy you wind up with a cemetery full of your past bad decisions that will never sell.

  2. Supply and demand determine prices. Only a minority of buyers are willing to pay top prices. More price variations expected as supply increase in easy-to-obtain slabbed comics.

  3. Why owners of many of these books went thru the Time, Effort and Money to get these slabbed, beats the Hell out of me ..

    1. The sellers may not have been the ones to get them slabbed. The sellers may have bought them for cheap last Christmas. Or perhaps the seller is selling off a collection they inherited from a deceased family member or friend. The sellers could have bid on a storage locker that had boxes of slabs. The seller could be a CGC grader and gets them done for free. Just saying.

      1. Like I said :: Why owners of many of these books went thru the Time, Effort and Money to get these slabbed, beats the Hell out of me ..

        That would include who ever the Owner was at time of Slabbing ..

        1. I understand. I did mention a few scenarios, such as the storage locker bid or kid selling of dads inherited collection, where the original slabber may have had much better intentions than wasting his/her time and money slabbing these books. Its all good, I just thought I would play devils advocate here.

      1. Its a great idea, Tony. I dont buy much online anymore as a lot of sellers ar in the US, and with me being in the Great White North, shipping is just to damn expensive. So, I wasnt able to take advantage. But I did hit up two shops today that had 50% off of back issues today. Picked up a bunch of $1 bin stuff, some older Sienkiewicz Batman and Spider-Man covers, some ASM legacy run fillers, a TT12 B ($30) and I picked up this book, as it really caught my eye.

        Its from 1971, and its in damn fine condition. Its definitely a 9.2 or better, imo. Straight into the PC.

  4. I once bought 20 cgc slabs off letgo from some kid who’s dad gave them to him. They were all the older label. There was a Wolverine 55 land variant in the mix. I paid $50 for all of them. A few I sold for like $10 just to move them. If memory serves I got $100 for the Wolverine 55 so the rest were all profit.

  5. Question for the community.

    I recently made a sale on feebay for 2 books. I noticed that the buyer has his shipping address as ‘CGC c/o Joe Bliw, Sarasota, FL’. I believe the address to be that of the CGC grading facility. Has anyone run across this scenario before? Should I ship it to CGC or should I request his proper mailing address to his home?

    1. It could also be a scam if you list it as a 9.8 and it comes back a 9.4 then he will be able to open an item not as described case.

    2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. If he does have something set up with CGC, I still dont like involving a 3rd party to the buyer/seller model. I do not advertise number grades in my listings, only letter grades. The books are in pristine condition though. 9.8 candidates, imo. Another thing that is odd, is that the books are 2 copies of ‘The Wrong Earth #1’, by Ahoy Comics. It is kinds weird having that book sent out for grading. Hmmm. What to do? What. To. Do.

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