Mel’s Variant of the Year Poll

What’s up CHU. Mel V. starting the round up for the Variant of the Year. I need your votes.

You can visit the poll here. Results will be posted later.

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37 thoughts on “Mel’s Variant of the Year Poll”

  1. I really think this should be in 3 categories. Regular cover, incentive variant and store variant. The winner from each face each other in the final showdown.

  2. I cant think of a specific book (Dredd: Final Judgement #1 maybe), but, I feel like the poll is incomplete without a Jock cover to choose from. It just doesn’t feel right. Wheres the love for Jock?

    1. Final Jdgement wasn’t a variant cover. Not sure what Jocks done for variants other than shop variants this year….and I can’t think of any of them either other than the recent grim knight shop variant that just came out…wasn’t that impressive either. Cool, but not “I have to have that” cool. His Action 1000 was alright too, but not worthy of this list either.

      We need a “Best A Comer of the Year” poll now…

      1. Ah, yes. You are correct. That Dredd Jock was not a variant.
        In my personal opinion, Jock is the best cover artist out there, right now. IMO, he never missess.

    1. Thrawn #1 is a Mattina and is on the list. Beautiful cover. I had one signed by him at NYCC. It’s going to take something serious for me to let go of it. Thrawn + Mattina + 1:50 = PC Royalty

      1. Thanos Legacy Crain variant (Scorpion Comics)
        Amazing Spider-Man 796 Crain variant (comicxposure)
        Amazing Spider-Man 799 Parillo (comic mint)
        Venom #1 First Host Dell Otto (scorpion comics)
        Dark Night Metal 5 Dell Otto ( bullet proof)
        Weapon H #1 Crain (comic mint/Frankie’s)

        If I think of more I’ll pass them along.

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