2018 Drek of the Year Poll

Every year we focus on the winners. The books and comics that either brought us great joy in reading or selling to make money, so we can go buy more comics.

So just like the Variant of the Year poll, let’s do a Drek of the year poll primarily based on my weekly drek picks. (Thanks to Oldskooleats for the comment to spark the idea).

[polldaddy poll=10201921]


If I missed anything you think deserves to be in the drek category, just comment below. I’ve kept the results hidden, we’ll uncover the winner in a few days.

31 thoughts on “2018 Drek of the Year Poll”

    1. Ah true, but I didn’t include it in this poll probably because it really wasn’t that big of a surprise. Did people really think he was gonna get married? Maybe that’s a poll on it’s own. 😉

      1. I’m so far behind in my DC reads (I was reading Batman and Flash) but I think I only got up to the proposal issue in Batman and I started to lose interest. I kept buying Batman since well, it’s Batman. I like King but I must admit, he was not making Batman interesting enough for me so it’s all on the backburner to read one day, maybe..

  1. Bordertown could be a (dis)honorable mention…but I feel some of the qualifications need to be a book that the publishes mostly hyped up and “pushed” on retailers to just into that hype with incentives and other cash grab tactics. That being said, some could argue Batman 50 should be on th list, but how many variajt covers were really offered directly from DC? I’m not sure if because 90% of the the “Drek” comes in the form of shop variants that it really is drek. That’s the individual shops fault for that part of it…I’m not sure how much DC encourages shops to come out with their own variants? At least some of the shop variants have value (BMWL #3, for instance).

    Marvel, on the other hand, puts out 20+ covers of single issues, many of which are not even incentives, for heir big event/reveals…like FF1, Iron Man and recently the return of wolverine. Killing any future value of the books…Total drek. I’m not even sure if the story is good…

    1. I couldn’t put Bordertown on this list since it wasn’t the book that killed itself, it was just the writer’s own actions that killed this book.

  2. Marvel in general from the big Legacy numbering hype to scrapping it and doing #1s again.
    Image is completely dead spec from top to bottom.
    I voted for Walking Dead

    1. I’d concur that Image puts out more garbage than actual hits for sure. I’ve almost completely stopped buying Image books nowadays. It’s seldom I’ll pick up a few that have potential for flipping due to media options.

      1. Every Image new series press release goes as follows: “The year is 21–, a dystopian future where the world’s supply of —- has run out and only the super rich can afford it.”
        Fill in the blanks, it’s all the same derivative shit anymore

  3. I would have liked to vote for all of them, but I settled for the worst of the worst…..Black Mask.

  4. Black Mask will always be my choice after I wasted money on the Black Mask Secret LCSD Box Set when it came out. It is rotting in my garage as we speak.

  5. Is there a link to actually vote, because if so I don’t see it. Otherwise I’m going to say Dark Nights Metal; one shots were good but overall the series bombed.

  6. Stoked to see this happen. Fearing we’ve entered the Drekonian Age. Honestly though I’d vote for ALL the variant drek that has occured. It has continually driven most of us, if not all of us. Happy 2019!

  7. I went for Walking Dead. I might be alone but the comics seem to go downhill at the same time the TV show did.

    So let’s all blame Scott Gimple

    1. I liked it long ago when it was under the Marvel Icon label.. I guess it just sort of rubbed me the wrong way when it just suddenly stopped, Bendis bails Marvel and then suddenly all his own work reappears under his new DC label after DC basically bent over backwards for their new golden boy…

      But I also liked the first go round before I really started to not like Bendis writing style. He has some good stuff but I’d say I dislike most more than like.

      To each their own though.. buy what you like, I’m just a chicken that nobody should listen to. 😉

  8. I’ll give it another day or so but just wanted to update everyone so far that here are the top 5 on votes so far, I won’t spoil who’s in the lead just yet.

    Return of Wolverine
    Walking Dead
    Action Comics #1000
    Black Mask
    X-Men Wedding Special

    The surprise is Action Comics making the top 5 for me.

  9. I voted for Black Mask, but just as a general gripe the “multiple multiple covers” is my biggest current turn-off in the comics world. Anything more than two covers is almost always a “no buy” for me on any comic issue.

  10. Black Mask – Company has gone a loooooooooooong way from those 2013/2014 Limited to 25 set “We Can Never Go Home” NYCC editions (at the company’s peak) ……. to 2018. Pretty darn sad.

    1. They had such potential for sure. Their demise (well, not entirely dead yet) was all their own doing too, sadly.

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