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It’s been a tough month with two holidays knocking traffic down as there have been very few stories. FOC has been off these past two weeks as has the Pocks of the week just based on limited shipping last week. But all the same, CHU hit a goal that I was very much looking forward to.

CHU hit 10,000,000 views just now. A mark that I am very proud of. Each year CHU readership continues to grow and we, thanks in large part to the awesome readers that we have, but also thanks to the regular contributors on both stories and in the comments, keep seeing growth on the site.

So thank you all for your support. I have said it before but I appreciate each and everyone of you. Next year is exciting as we are switching hosting, tweaking the design, and adding more features, so stay tuned.

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  1. Been checking the site daily for close to three years now…it’s just something I automatically do. Thanks for all you put together for us, from the videos to the spec leads to the features written by AP and others…it’s certainly appreciated!

        1. 1 million hits the first year. 5 million hits after four years. The next five million were the last two years. Have done about 7.5 million hits the past three years. So every year we have grown. The past three years have been huge growth.

    1. I wish. We will be doing Advertising again because of the amount it costs based on the traffic to the site guess. It will help offset the cost of running the fight. But it will be different than last time

  2. Congrats to all of you involved. This site got me back into comics several years ago. I was dabbling again for a while, but really got good at speculating thanks to visiting your site Anthony. Pays for my growing collection these days.

    1. Same here….able to grab a few Bronze Age comics I’ve been eying for 25 years and I don’t think that would have been financially possible without the help of $$ I’ve made off CHUmspecs! Congrats!

  3. cheaaaaa Congrats to Anthony and my fellow co writers ..I will always be grateful to Anthony for giving me my 1st shot at writing about comics and stuff ..see yall at 20 million

  4. 10 million views? Goodness! You clearly earned them with quality content and I’m honored to have done a guest post some years ago after we first started chatting when I linked to your guys posts about the first-ever Local Comic Shop Day (I vaguely remember when that event was a big deal)! I’m so happy for you and eager to watch CHU continue to provide posts as entertaining as they are informative! Cheers for even more amazing things in 2019!

  5. Spectacular landmark. Thank you Anthony & ALL who contribute to making CHU The On Line Page Turning Headliner for Comic Book Collecting Today 🙂

  6. Congratulations Anthony and all the CHU co-writers on this amazing milestone. I’ve only gotten back into collecting a few months ago and CHU has become a Comic book Insider News resource for me from the start. I’ve come to depend on the weekly spec articles, the leaks for that week’s NCBD, Mel V’s variant picks, Agent Poyo’s spec/drek. The info you guys churn out before and after each NCBD helps a (once-agan) newbie like me make better informed decisions as to where my paychecks go. And I thank you guys for that. My spec, 2019 is a bigger and brighter year for CHU!!!

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