Spoilers: Detective Comics #995 Batman Gets Dark

Detective Comics #995 is in stores tomorrow. It features a death, a beloved Batman supporting character getting stabbed, and Batman getting creepy. Check it out.

First up, We thought we saw the last of her, nope not yet.

Batman does everything he can to save her.


And then he finds

Who has been stabbed by.. (someone who knows Bruce’s history well)

Batman needs to take action

So it is off to Arkham to find out the who’s and why’s

And with all the scary monsters locked up there, the scariest one is…..


16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Detective Comics #995 Batman Gets Dark”

      1. The 1st is the mystery villian who’s currently going after the bat family to mess with Batman. He appears and stabs Alfred. We don’t see his face and it could be a known character, but if it’s a new character, or the new Arkham Knight, this will be his 1st cameo appearance.

      2. I thought 1st Arkham is in Arkham Knight 1, 1st Thomas Wayne Batman in Flashpoint 1 and 1st “Anti-Batman” in Batman 38? And wasn’t Leone in Action 1006? I feel so confused, the 2 week break from comics definitely took its toll lol.

      3. Arkham Knight was a video game adaptation. This issue definitely contains a cameo…whether this is the new Arkham Knight is anyone’s guess.

      4. Also, if this is the Arkham Knight, this will be the issue to have, as no one really saw this coming, kind of like Red Goblin. If his first is in Tec 1000, there will literally be no spec value in it.

      1. No. I wasn’t asking for anything. Just pointing out the link for ‘tech 995 was sending me somewhere else, not to anything that had to do with tech 994.

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