Spoilers: Walking Dead #187 Something is Brewing

Walking Dead #187 is in stores tomorrow. It is another build up issue, more story/character driven than action. However, something is coming to a head.

Rick has been growing closer to the Governor, as we saw last issue when he took out one of his own to save her. Here, she has something to say.

And Rick addresses the crowds.

We get Princess’ back story.

Mercer is not happy and wants to take action.

But then…

This probably won’t be good for him.  I think a showdown is on the horizon.

5 thoughts on “Spoilers: Walking Dead #187 Something is Brewing”

  1. Walking Dead #1s 9.6 and 9.8s are back to where they were. #19 have seen a steady increase. #2 and #3 also on the rise.

    1. Walking Dead being close to #200 reminds me of ASM hitting around issue #200, people bored of the series starting to come back to it. Lots of similarities between the horror and super hero comic at 200 issues. At this time in ASM people only cared about the first 10 books or so then #14 1st green goblin, #50 1st Kingpin, #129 1st Punisher then came Hobgoblin #238 and Venom #300 to revive the series. Books to own in Walking Dead are #1-10, #19, #50, #100 similar to people’s care for ASM books at the time of the 200 mark. Got to appreciate any book making it to 200 issues these days.

  2. Oh man, the book got so stale, but 186 and now 187 have finally started to build so much tension you can see the red coming in all the black and white.

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