Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 92

Greetings my heating up family. I would like to wish you all a happy, amazing, and prosperous 2019. I wish you all the best. My reads of the week are Batman #247, DC Superstars Giant #12, Immortal Hulk #10, and Aquaman #43. I read a lot this week. Now let’s make the money with comics shall we?

1. Batman #247 – Classic holiday story by Denny O’Neal. The way Batman brings in the New Year is #awesomesauce. Easy Bronze Age Batman issue to find in boxes so go hunting $10-30

2. DC Superstars Giant #12 – this story is epic. It is called don’t call me Superboy and is infamous. I will do a “not safe for work” review of this comic on a future episode of Demons Eye Radio and Awesomeauce Radio. (New podcast airs Sunday nights on 7:00 PM EST) basically this tells the tale of the robot teacher from krypton teaching Superboy the birds and the bees. Just a classic comic book now I need a second copy. Too many comics, too many boxes, not enough time $5 and up

3. Oui Magazine August 1975 – Oui is a vintage girlie magazine. I know what you are thinking, Dirty minded Adam, but no, wait for it, this is a piece of speculation history. This issue has a sweet piece (article that is) written by future comic writer Mike Baron. The article is called “Investing in Comics for Profit.” This may well be the first mainstream piece of its kind. And it sounds similar to things we talk about today; Overstreet price guide, people buying 100 copies of Shazam #1, sound familiar? Just really cool stuff. (See people do buy them for the articles.)

4. Spider-Men #1 Second print – “Enter the Spider-verse” is just a great movie. Best Spiderman movie ever made #testify. This series is the first meeting between 616 Peter and Miles. This second print is a Miles
cover and all things miles are super-hot right now $5-10

5. Generations Spiderman #1 – it is only a matter of time before these Generations books heat up. Just a great Peter and Miles story told in the past during Amazing Spiderman #31-33 days. See above all things miles are hot and deserved to be bought (and sold) $5 and up

6. Generations Ms. Marvel #1 – Captain Marvel comes to the big screen in March. Marvel Rising is a hit. Ms/Captain Marvel will be the next big thing for cosplay as well as popular culture. This story is just great told in the past and worth the buy in $5 and up (there is a copy of the 1:25 variant up for $5.99 plus shipping)

7. Incredible Hulk #384 – credit goes to Comic Tom 101 for this. Great Infinity Gauntlet tie-in issue, the ending brings a tear to my eye. Ain’t spoiling it, go buy the comic or watch the video $1-5

9. What If #13 What if Conan Walked the Earth Today – The new series and this What If issue answer that. credit goes to Key Collector for this issue. Key Collector is the John Cena of comic book dealing, you either love it or hate it. $10 and up

10. Spawn #141 – hard to find low printed issue first appearance of She-Spawn. Why no cosplay love for She-Spawn? $10 and up

Well that is it for this week. I have a lot of drinking and pizza eating to do.
Blind Adam out

10 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 92”

  1. Nice write-up, Adam .. 🙂

    Qui Magazine was known for the Adult Comic X-Rated section as well as a long list of great articles ..

    Carnal Comics: True Stories of Adult Film Stars line, Rip Off Press’ Demi the Demoness (later the first adults-only comic character to be adapted as a live action film), and a serialized version of Jay Allen Sanford’s illustrated book Triple-X Cinema: A Cartoon History ..

    1. I meet the guys that run carnal comixx awile back.wonder if they are still in business .I loved that adult star bio series.and lets not forget cherry pop tart and cherry comics thanks for reading willie blind adam out

      1. Years ago, I used to do a fair amount of business with the Adult Comics as well as what used to be called the Underground Press .. still have at least 10 long boxes of that material .. I should check and see if anything is worth anything these days .. Diamond does not offer much these days .. they used to publish a separate Adult catalog ..

          1. Isn’t it digital only now? I’ve seen links for it sometimes for some edgier stuff from some indie publishers or those expensive x-rated statues some people collect—where does one display a $200 raunchy anime statue, I wonder?

  2. I’ve come across old issues of, “Playboy,” at flea markets when hunting for comics (get a first appearance of New Mutants for $1.50 at one) and am amazed at the journalism quality in those old, “girlie,” magazines.

  3. I have mentioned it before .but for example the may 1975 playboy has a story called superboys x ray adventure or something like that and has artwork by neal adams .I do really well on the secondary market with the kim k issue and there is a feb. 2008 cos play wonder woman cover I can go on and on with this type of stuff the best and my favorite underground of all time is air pirate funnies mickey mouse in all his glory #testify blind adam out

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