Origin Stories: Spiderman Into the Spiderverse

Spiderman Into the Spiderverse is an incredible movie. I finally got to see it on New Year’s Eve with my son Joe. The mashing of multiple versions of Spider-Men (and Women) was a blast and set the collecting world on fire. Miles Morales, Spider-Man Noir, Peter Porker, Spider-Man 2099 (the after credit scene is a blast, will put it at the bottom if you haven’t seen it), and Spider Gwen all got boosts to their first appearances as a result. But, was there a time that Spider-men from all over the multi-verse got together before? 

The answer is yes. The Spiderman the Animated Series did it first

In season 5 of the Animated Series, following an adaptation of Secret Wars, the series spun off into Spider-Wars, which spanned over Season 5 Episode 12 and 13. It featured different versions of Spider-man, coming together with the help of Madame Web, to defeat a threat, sounds familiar huh?

Panels to Pixels did a great Youtube video going in depth on this:

The series was adapted in comic book form, however, it only lasted a handful of issues and did not make it to the Spider-Wars story line. Imagine if it did, that issue would be worth grabbing as first “Spider-verse.” There are some notable issues in the run though, including, Spiderman Adventures #8 which had the first black costume Spiderman appear in it from the animated universe and Spiderman Adventures #10 which featured the first appearance of the animated Venom in comic form.

And finally, see it before it is gone, the hilarious Post Credit Scene from Into the Spiderverse. (Sorry it is a low quality Youtube video (not mine) and will probably be deleted before too long.


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  1. Into The Spider Verse is a great movie. I splashed out on the limited edition slip case Art Of.. Book. It comes with a comic True Life Tales which was used in the movie. Limited to 175 copies or something. It’s a sweet thing

  2. after credits was blocked by sony on the tube this movie is animated crack.best spiderman ever made outside of the 1960s,1990s& the spectacular of course love you guys blind adam out p.s. I now need a copy of that slipcase book

    1. Try this.


      I have memories of when I was 4 years old, Watching The 60s Spider-Man cartoon and rocket Robin Hood while eating Campbell’s soup for lunch. Followed by magic garden, the bugaloos and Just before my brother would come home off the bus Land of the Lost would come on. I’d run out of the room when grumpy would turn toward the camera and roar at then end of the opening theme. Good memories! Them were the days.

    1. It’s been on the streaming sites since a week before it came out probably find it there. I’ve fallen asleep to it three times now, one of these days I’ll get through it.

  3. Peculiar series of events… I had never seen the original “The Incredibles”. I watched it one night over the holidays and realized why it’s regarded so highly all these years. The very next day I went to the movies and Into The Spider-verse.
    I have to say I was severely disappointed. I almost fell asleep towards the end of the movie. The animation was phenomenal, and the plot pretty good, but the execution was poor in my opinion. I know it’s a cartoon but some seriously crazy nonsense occurring. I’m trying to understand where all the great reviews come from other than most being of the nature “wow… such a fun movie”. I need a bit more than fun.

    1. I am curious as to what you did not like about the movie, Bill. I think you countered your own point about the craziness of the movie, when you stated it was a cartoon.

        1. For what the movie is, I can’t think of one complaint. I enjoyed it and it had me chuckling quite a bit. I went with my 7 year old niece, and she said she had a hard time following the story, so that may allude to Bills point.

      1. At a super high level – (and I admit I’m comparing Spiderverse to Incredibles) – The Incredibles gripped me from beginning to end. The story and character development did not seemed forced. The story flowed seemlesslly. The characters were believable even as a cartoon. I understood their drives and their desires. The characters did not constantly shout out those 2018+ childish one liners throughout the movie.
        In the end, for Spider-verse I found myself saying “wow, this is a fun movie for my 10 year old”. For The Incredibles, I found myself saying “wow, this is a fun movie for anyone”. That is the difference. I just can’t give a good review to a movie… be it via actors or a cartoon …. that is targeted for a specific age audience.

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