Punisher Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

Netflix and Marvel recently cut a bunch of shows. One show that is coming back to Netflix is Punisher’s for a second season. Check out the release date trailer below.

Punisher streams on Netflix starting January 18th.

6 thoughts on “Punisher Season 2 Trailer and Release Date”

  1. m.f.ing #awesomesauce the punisher as come a long way since 1989-1990 baby.and for everyone chacing asm #162 don’t forget about asam #188 as it is the origin of jigsaw hdden b.p.gem of the day love you guys blind adam out

  2. Does anyone think this won’t be cancelled soon after it comes out? Jessica Jones too. I assume they were already done with both or at least pretty deep into them when they decided to cancel everything else. So both will release and then be cut.

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