One Week Later Report for January 9th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report, the first one for this year. This week we’ll cover the books released on 1/2/2019.

Last week was small and insignificant compared to most weeks. With the holidays so close to Wednesdays, I’m imagining most publishers kept these weeks small due to that.

So let’s dive into last weeks books, see if any were worthy on the secondary market.

DC Books

The only book that stands out is the Mark Brooks variant for Detective Comics #995.

Some recent sales are pushing this book towards the $20 range. It started out as a cover price book but perhaps some are spec’ing on this with the countdown to issue 1000.

I must say it is one of Mark Brooks better covers. Who doesn’t like a cover with all of Batman’s best foes laughing on the cover?

Everything else that came out for DC you can pretty much find online still at cover or your local shops.

Marvel Books

I wouldn’t declare this book a total winner yet but it is now selling out online or already sold out and might be that book to “keep an eye on”, that I also mentioned on Sunday.

Winter Soldier #2 introduces a new teenage assassin named RJ who is out to assassinate the very soldier he was modeled after.

Most books are still hovering around cover price. Now’s the time to buy if you possibly like to gamble. Hard to tell if this new character will stick around but that’s the name of the game right?

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Dynamite gave us a cool looking cover with Project Superpowers #5 Mattina Variant. It’s a Mattina variant but it’s also Dynamite.

Most retailers put the 1:10 at around the $10 price point for Dynamite’s ratio variants but as a few sales seemed to approach the $25 range for this variant, there’s just not that much movement overall, some even at or under the $10 sold range.

The regular Mattina although sold out at most online retailers isn’t seeing much movement either on the secondary market with just a few sales at either cover price or slightly above cover.

Still a cool cover for any Mattina fan. I say now’s the time to buy on the secondary market, you might even score one for under cover price.

Rags #2 Second Printing made it to store shelves. Selling out rather fast online, this one seems to be plentiful though on the secondary market. Not sure why people are spending $5.99 for this book (eBay All-Star drewbizz has sold over 60 copies themselves. You all ever read his feedback, why anyone buys from this seller is beyond me in the way he treats buyers). But there you have it, another mentioning of Rags.

That’s it for the week in review. It was a less eventful week for sure. Hopefully the 9th brings a little more excitement or news.

30 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for January 9th, 2019”

  1. Didn’t even see Tech 995 heating up. Seems like cover A is even seeing some action; there are more Bs than As offered on ebay too. May have to look out for this one.

      1. I was trying to negotiate with him on a comic. Didn’t see it necessary to provide an actual photo of the comic. Has a best offer option but wouldn’t drop his price more than $1 of his asking price, even though he admitted to having 50 more copies…why bother having a best offer options? Had a bit of an attitude like he was doing me a favor knocking $1 off and I should take it or leave it, he didn’t care either way.

        Totally rubbed me the wrong way. I gave him a shot. Will never do business with him.

    1. Drewbizz wholesales damaged copies of unsold store exclusives then sells them to you. Hes a lawyer from the New York area. Tricky Dick.

        1. I worked with a local store for an exclusive they did a while back. Drewbizz contacted them about wholesaling their product. I got inside info from that store owner regarding the nature of Drewbizz’s inquiries.
          Previous to that, I, at one point, was making large purchases from him. Based on the average grade of the books I received in those orders, he is definitely selling lesser grade copies. It took me about two years of dealing with/trying to spec on store exclusives. I now veiw them as a scourge on the hobby and have purged my collection of them.

      1. Thank you for sharing that information with the community. I think we all want to know just with whom we’re doing business.

    2. Better off just to stick to the usual online stores. There are plenty of them out there right now so you can avoid Feebay altogether. I just use it for marketing purposes now, not for my online store.

    3. I read some of his reviews and I was disturbed at his responses to people. Him calling people newbies because they didn’t want high end books shipped with 2-3 books in one bag and board. Apparently some are happy, but I will be avoiding.

      1. Yeah, you have to request bags and boards individually. He has always been fair with me but he charges a $1 for shipping per extra comic. Too much! He claims he gives his guys $1 per comic to package. I told him I want a job. Think how many you could package in just 1 hour.

        1. I find that hard to believe. You can see in his feedback comments where he is snarky about “going on vacation or is away” to people who claim his shipping times are slow. If he had guys packing up books on his behalf, why are there delays when he’s away?

      1. I can appreciate digital art when it’s presented to me digitally but call me old school, I want hand drawn stuff for my physical comic book covers..

  2. drewbizz is a complete douchebag. Dude started insulting me over an offer I sent out. Calling all sorts of names. Reported his ass to eBay but they didn’t seem to care.

  3. Great report! Love seeing the weekly results!

    I greatly care about me Ebay feedback score and do everything to keep it perfect. But so many ppl get terrible feedback and still make sales, its crazy

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