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To all you CHUfanatics out there. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that starting tonight, we are migrating CHU to it’s new self hosted platform.

What does this all mean?

CHU has grown drastically since it’s beginning and it’s now time to move away from WordPress hosting to our own, which will give us more flexibility and features.

What to expect during the migration?

Not a whole lot actually except wait to see when the new site loads, it looks drastically different as the site got a makeover so you’ll know.

You may hit the old site for the next 24 to 48 hours depending on your ISP DNS and how fast they update them to reflect the IP address change. DNS is a way to translate a domain name ( to an IP address for you non-techies. If you do not see the new website within 48 hours, you may want to clear your browsers cache and cookies.

Your old WordPress login will not work any longer now that CHU will be standalone. We hope to work with WordPress to migrate existing subscribers and such but we not sure how well this will go since it’s in the hands of the WordPress developers and support using their Jetpack plugin.

Once we get settled in, we plan to allow subscribers to sign up so you can have your very own login to post comments with, etc.

So please bear with us during this migration which could affect your comments and posting abilities, usernames, etc.

If you use the WordPress Application for Phones and Tablets (Android or Apple), you will no longer be able to follow this site from the app. Not to worry though, the new site is mobile friendly so you can load it in any web browser. I hope to have something in development for a CHU phone app in the coming future.

Sit back and hope you enjoy the new website.


32 thoughts on “Site Migration”

  1. I’ve used the WordPress app, but I’m open to a new mobile-friendly site I can still log into and post my comments on. Will there be a way to get notified if people reply? Maybe an email or such?

    1. Yes, once we enable the subscription to everyone. It will start off with just open comments by filling out the form with Name and Email but in a couple of days we’ll open registration to allow subscribers which should notify you when others make comments, etc.

  2. Did I read that correctly? You got a jet pack? Whoa, man. The future is now! PS. Congrats to the Masters of the Chuniverse on the growth and transition. Im very much looking forward to seeing whats in store for “Olive Chu’guys”.

  3. Just logged in and the new site looks nice and clean. The logo looks bad ass man. Congrats Tony and to you as well sir Poyo!!

    1. Yes, I stole some bits from the theme. was sort of the test bed I’d been working on for CHU redesign so in essence, LHU looks like CHU, not CHU looks like LHU.

  4. I hope I can edit my comments after posting…that would be a cool feature. So many times I’ve hit send without proofreading and was a victim of fat finger combined with auto correct syndrome…resulting in incoherent sentences.

  5. Anyway you can make the font smaller and the site a little easier to read? The font is 3x bigger than it used to be and makes articles tedious to read. The design is also really grey and bland and hard to look at. Sorry for the criticism, just trying to help.

    1. You viewing from Desktop, tablet or mobile? Make sure you’re settings in the browser are also 100% zoom.

      I’ve been adjusting fonts to get that happy medium but it’s very tedious for sure.

      As for the bland, I’ve been thinking about adding more color to the background image myself, that might help out some but we’ll probably stick with the black text on white background mostly.

      1. I’m viewing from my android phone. I’ll get used to the font size if it doesn’t change. I think color in the background would help. Right now the entire background is a light grey for me and I can sort of make out a water mark in there.

        1. Yes, it’s opaque (very slight transparency set). When viewing on desktop or wider screen, you’ll see a comic collage background.

        2. I made some adjustments on the fonts. Let me know how they look. Might have to clear your cache and such before they take affect.

            1. Sweet. It’s a bit smaller on the desktop version now but not terrible.

              I think we get more mobile users nowadays anyways, which now we can get better metrics hosting ourselves. 🙂

              Thanks for the feedback though, I welcome all criticism, praise, suggestions, etc.

                1. You referring to the comment time being a few hours in the future? Probably due to the site being configured for UTC time.

                2. I’ll have to look into if there’s a away to keep UTC on system but allow comments to be updated via user preferences.

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