Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk in to your local shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nice when a few days later the books you picked up are worth multiple times cover price. These are Wednesday Winners.

First up is the Green Arrow #48 Neal Adams Variant. There are copies up for sale at the $10 range but there have been sales up to $15.

Its a pretty cool sideways cover, more DC covers next week coming up like this, with pencil art by classic artist Neal Adams.

Adams has done many classic Green Arrow images.



Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant is the big winner of the week. Sales on this cover have been hitting the $30 range.

Frank Cho just ended his run on the book. As series go on, print runs tend to go down, so with a new artist, stores may not have ordered as many as the demand called for. Great looking cover plus demand plus low supply equals an increase in price. Mel reported back to me that the book has survived the under cutting phase, which means this one could stick. Think Batgirl #23 Joshua Middleton Cover

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  1. I missed out on both books. Work has been taking over my life. Except Sundays lol. My boy has his first practice and game tomorrow since it rained last week so hopefully they don’t cancel it and he gets to play.

    Oh and go Patriots!!!!

  2. Frank cho isnt done with covers he is just taking a 3 issue break from Harley. Also this Harley cover gives cho credit which obviously he didnt.

    1. Yep. $15 or so. Probably a case where the 1st appearance and possible appearance at the end is helping. Cover B creeping to $35 shipped.

      1. Even if it goes beyond $30.. I was happy to have dumped mine for $30 10 minutes after listing it. Can’t complain buying a comic for $3 and making $27 profit from it.

  3. I could only get a Cover A that I was able to sell for $15. Grabbed a B cover for the PC on eBay Wednesday for $18 and kept waiting (hoping?) for an undercutter wave to possibly grab another copy but it’s gone up about $5 each day. Definitely riding some FOMO.

    1. What’s FOMO?

      If you search Harley Quinn 57 20+ Tedesco covers come up for every A cover…lots of people dumping their B’s. I’m holding onto mine…this is a keeper in my mind. Will likely stand the tests of time and undercutters.

      1. Yes, lots of Bs compared to As because of the cover. My only point was to agree with jcLu that A is was selling above cover as well (3x or so).

  4. New site looks awesome, congrats. I’d like to mention people should keep an eye on Squirrel Girl #40 from last week. Good chance it has the 1st app of the Skrulls from the upcoming “Meet the Skrulls” book. Couple that with squirrel girls print run…

        1. Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up the last two at my LCS while dropping off books to send off to CGC. First time ever grading!

  5. Catwoman #7 Oliver cover fetching $12-$20 on eBay right now. Looking at it I can’t say it’s something I have to have…look for undercutters Wednesday. HQ57 this is not.

  6. Watching The Goonies tonight. Been a while since I’ve seen this movie. gremlins too. This has got to be one of the few block busters from the 80s they haven’t remade/re-envisioned…hope it stays that way.

  7. Great job on the new site!

    Wondering if the Harley Quinn #57 is worth sending off for grading at this point. It seems to be trending similar to Batgirl 23B. Anyone else looking at a little longer term hold on this?

    1. I haven’t graded my BG23 yet. Want a Middleton signature yellow label. But the guy just doesn’t go to cons or do private signings. Like the white covers for sigs.

  8. go patriots .both hq&ga variants are ghost.and tatestco did the foil cover for the foils back in October . have a question or the comic family better name for a shop t&a komixx or fanboy delights?love you guys blind adam out

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