Mel V.’s Variant Picks for January 16, 2019

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your Variants of the Week for 1/16/19 WOOOT WOOT first con of the year is this Friday. The Schomburg Center’s Annual Black Comic Book Festival located at 515 Malcolm X Boulevard New York, NY 10037

The Event will Open at 12 pm on Friday and 10 Am on Saturday and they close both days at 7:30 pm …its such a great turn out so come by if ya see me stop by and say what up

A lot of People ask me aout last weeks Harley Quinn 57 whether if they should sell or not. Here’s my answer, if you have only got one get it graded and stash it away, its a great cover, has an error as well as a 1st appearance. Can’t go wrong with this one. Lets see if there are any hidden gems this week

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #6 Cover F Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover – The Thing has never looked so good. For once, I wish this wasn’t such a high ratio. I want it but it would cost me. I’m on the fence about getting it

Batman Who Laughs #2 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – This was on the radar of many. There will be a ton of these out there, however, it does not discredit the fact that this is an amazing cover and will be added to my PC

Black Widow Vol 7 #1 Cover B Incentive Mirka Andolfo Variant Cover – Hmm was on the fence about making this weeks list ..after further review it’s a pretty bad ass cover

Catwoman Vol 5 #7 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – Ben Oliver back again this week. This was seeing nice pre-sales earlier this week and its still holding strong ..lets see if it will survive the dreaded Under cutter Wave ™

Conan The Barbarian Vol 4 #2 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover – The Best of the new Conan covers ..already seeing sales of $90.. careful though.. under cutters a swooping

Venom Vol 4 #10 Cover B Variant Phil Noto Marvel 80th Anniversary Cover– My sneaky cover of the week. I find myself picking up all the covers that have all these future heavy hitters of marvel on them at once ..just my thing ..but I dig this cover buy in

Venom Vol 4 #10 Cover C Variant Humberto Ramos Conan vs Marvel Villains Cover – YES!!!! Being a fan of both Venom and Conan how can I say no to this one..cant wait for Venomized Conan…come on it has to happen right …A couple of years from now I expect this book to be spec-ed on as “1st time Venom meets Conan on cover” I’m kidding I’m Kidding ..or am I lol

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #62 Cover B Variant Matteo Scalera Cover – Wonder Woman looking like a total bad arse

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  1. Pretty sure that Fantastic Four has the first app of Victorious in it. Maybe that makes the sticker shock a bit easier to take.

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