Pre-Game Report: 1/16/19 Comic Sales

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Avatar Tsu Tey’s Path #1 –  Currently about cover. But this could be a long term growth book.

Wonder Woman #62 Matteo Scalara Cover – This one is kind of all over the place with sales between cover and $14

Knights of the Golden Sun #3  – Hard to find book. At least one sale at $19

Appalachian Apocalypse #1  –  a few showing up on eBay, sales at $10 range.

White Widow #1 – already selling above cover, sales at $7-$14 range for the regular two covers with variants going higher.

Catwoman #7 Ben Oliver Cover – was selling for $20 yesterday but today sales in the $9-$12 range

Variants of Note:

Conan The Barbarian Vol 4 #2 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover  – Was selling for up to $90 two days ago, today sales at $59.99

14 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report: 1/16/19 Comic Sales”

      1. Its hard to tell if the Psych character will be a hero or not. Seems like a shady character. I was looking into it and he might appear in issue 61. I ordered my copies online so i havnt been able to read through it to verify.

    1. There’s some mean undercutting on the catwoman. it was at $20 yesterday. Sales were as low as like 9-12 today. Such a bummer.

        1. Agree. I’m hoping to have a copy in my pulls tomorrow. But if I don’t not going to be too upset. Already sold my KotGS#3.

  1. Any heat on hunt for Wolverine 4 Portacio cover?? Looks pretty sweet. Ratio or open order? Reminds me of buying wetworks back in the day. 🥴

  2. I really like that Finch Wolverine Variant of Uncanny Xmen 10. Doesn’t appear to have any heat, but I love Finch’s work & this was a good one.

      1. I love bin diving at my smaller local cons. I always pull $1 books that I find if the cover ‘pops’ for me. I like covers that use the negative space, among other things. Covers with sharp red or yellow backgrounds are nice too.

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