Spoilers: Venom #10, Eddie is bad, his dad is worse.

Venom #10  is in stores tomorrow. It features some back story from Eddie Brock’s earlier life. It’s not good. Check it out below:

The story starts off with Eddie Brock and his newly discovered half brother eating lunch and recounting one of Eddie’s earliest, most difficult memories.

Something bad happens.

And it was a young Edward Brock’s fault.

The result….

Eddie wants to fess up…

His dad doesn’t want him to…

They leave the cafe and Eddie sees and attacks…..

Was it real or an illusion?

But something is happening to Brock.

And it turns out to be this……



6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #10, Eddie is bad, his dad is worse.”

        1. We were shown Eddie escaping from The Maker in previous issues. I believe the intent here is to show EDDIE never really escaped.

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