Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Breakdown *Updated*

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer dripped not long ago and we have analyzed the trailer to give you a breakdown of the goods. Check it out below:

Turns out we were a little premature on some of the characters… Entertainment Weekly has more character info. Originally thought they were Molten Man, Hydro Man, Sandman, but instead they are elementals according to EW.

Of course, Nick Fury is in it and this is the first meeting between him and Peter Parker.

Spider-Man’s web gliders are featured prominently in the trailer. Showing at the beginning and later in the middle of the trailer.

First look at Hydron. First appearance in  Supernatural Thriller #8.

This one is the Elemental Hellfire who first appears in Secret Invader Home Invasion , originally the third issue of the web comic, only collected in print in the trade paper back.

Turns out this is Magnum, first appearance Supernatural Thriller #8.

Not shown is the Air elemental Zephyr who also first appears in Supernatural Thriller #8.

Jake Gyllenahaal as Mysterio, no dome, first appearance in Amazing Spiderman #13 He appears as a hero, but I have a fan theory. The elementals  are not elementals at all. Mysterio is using his illusion powers to make others appear to be the elementals so he can “beat them” to appear as a good guy.

And Spider-Man’s new Black Costume. Kind of looks like Spider-Man Noir in these pictures. Minus the coat and hat.


Rather similar in appearance don’t you think. Is this coincidental or will Peter Parker make a quip about being rather “noir-ish”. First appearance of Spiderman Noir is in Spiderman Noir #1






IMDB gives us a better look at the costume

11 thoughts on “Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Breakdown *Updated*”

  1. It’s Agents of Shield Spidey, from the trailer he doesn’t bring his suit and I believe Nick Fury provides him with this Shield suit and goggles. It’s identical to Mockingbirds Agents of Shield uniform minus the mask and the mask get up is a close resemblance to Rose’s masked uni from Agents of Shield. I tried to post Pinterest links but it didn’t work.

  2. That was my theory the minute I saw the trailer.

    When I saw the scene with Mysterio (Dome including) going up against Hydroman/Elemental and the civilians saying that he looks like IronThor, I knew Mysterio was making eveyone believe they were being attacked and he was there to save the day.

  3. New oddball theory: mysterio ends up along the line of michael keatons vulture. Backing up peter and a team of anti-heroes is formed.

    1. There is an even more oddball theory that the Elementals are from FF232 and Mysterio is using the Eye of Agamotto and tying into Dr Strange. Though if I was going to bet, I’d agree with Anthony’s idea. Def think that Mysterio starts as a “hero” and ends up the villain somehow.

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