Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 1/17/18 launched recently and has quickly become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:


Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant
7 Day Trend: +404%
Weekly Units Sold: 297
Sales Average Raw: $26.58
Sales Average Graded: $105.00 (CGC 9. )


Batman Damned #1
7 Day Trend: +96%
Weekly Units Sold: 51
Sales Average Raw: $67.50
Sales Average Graded: $148.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Bruce Wayne’s wiener.


Spider-Man 2099 #1
7 Day Trend: +332%
Weekly Units Sold: 14
Sales Average Raw: $4.63
Sales Average Graded: $69.57 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First issue of solo series for Spider-man 2099, Spider-Verse related.


Edge of Spiderverse #2
7 Day Trend: +108%
Weekly Units Sold: 30
Sales Average Raw: $243.00
Sales Average Graded: $409.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance Spider-Gwen, Spider-Verse Movie related


Captain Marvel #1 Adam Hughes Variant
7 Day Trend: +69%
Weekly Units Sold: 42
Sales Average Raw: $25.26
Sales Average Graded: $ 80.00 (CGC 9.8)


Green Arrow #48 Neal Adams Variant
7 Day Trend: +224%
Weekly Units Sold: 13
Sales Average Raw: $6.25
Sales Average Graded: NA (CGC 9.8 )


Batman Damned #1 Jim Lee Variant
7 Day Trend: +94%
Weekly Units Sold: 28
Sales Average Raw: $66.33
Sales Average Graded: $164.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Jim Lee variant of hot Batman book.


Spawn #1
7 Day Trend: +101%
Weekly Units Sold: 28
Sales Average Raw: $35.50
Sales Average Graded: $113.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Classic modern book, Movie coming.


Incredible Hulk #377
7 Day Trend: +100%
Weekly Units Sold: 27
Sales Average Raw: $15.70
Sales Average Graded: $67.81 (CGC 9.6)
Reason: Professor Hulk appearance, fantastic cover.


Savage She Hulk #1
7 Day Trend: +82%
Weekly Units Sold: 30
 Sales Average Raw: $46.50
Sales Average Graded: $317.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of She Hulk

42 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 1/17/18”

  1. I dont feel selling 13 and 14 copies in a week makes a book hot. I dont feel selling 27 and 28 copies of a book with million or multiple millions high print runs makes a book hot. This is a top 6 list the way I read it.

    1. If something selling 13 copies a week is making the top 10 selling comics of the week, I feel really bad for the hobby.

    2. No one is quite sure how this lists rankings work. Its been discussed before.

      I counted 20 sold listings for the GL variant from Jan.7- Jan,14 on feebay. And that was very generic, quick search. More units must have sold of different platforms as well.

      If anything, this is a list of books that people are currently interested in, in no specific order. imo

  2. I have a soft-spot for the 2099 books. Some were good, some were terrible, but they were for sure trying something different. Kind of the same way I feel about the Marvel Max imprint, which is tragically all but dead, occasional Ennis-penned Punisher or Nick Fury series aside.

  3. Yeah, I still prefer Lyria Comic Exchange hands down. How has Teen Titans 12 not made the list? It’s basically the same list weekly.

  4. The data is so suspect…how something makes this list versus the data that’s provided. They don’t jive. I’ve looked through the past couple months and here’s a couple of examples that stick out:

    This week:
    Green Arrow has one less unit sold than Spider-Man 2099, but average price is 30% higher. It’s also given a 204% “trend” versus SM2099’s 332%? SM2099 was selling raw at $8.37 and $17.33 not a month ago per the same list. So how is this comic not only ranked higher than GA48, but even on this list?

    Weeks 1/3-1/10:
    Batman Damned #1A dropped in price by $4 and in units sold by -16 from one week to the next. Yet the “trend” was 105%, indicating an upward trend over 7 days. That is not a positive trend by any means over 7 days.

    I don’t mind the list as I think the majority of it is informative, but I do my own research before I jump on any of these. I like bouncing the list off others online, like CBSI, to get a better picture. At least CBSi doesn’t post “data”…sometimes less isn’t more.

    1. I use multiple tools for hunting. I bought multiple copies of books off the CBSI list as well. Use it as a guide and not a bible is the way I look at it. I use it for overall trends on certain books not all.

    2. Hey Guys! Matt here from Covrprice. Thanks for all the comments! Honestly, we’re always trying to make the site as accurate as possible. So all comments are welcome as it pushes us to get the site to where you would like it to be, as accurate as possible.

      So, the Top 10, yeah… it’s a detailed algorithm that takes in a lot of various factors, weighs it all out and generates the top 10 automatically. Generally, the system places the most trending books of the week on the top 10, whether or not it putters out by the end or when the list releases. Sometimes % increases wins over volume, or volume over % or some blend of the two. The TOP 10 is the weekly overall trend. It looks at every day and week as new. So, the list doesn’t compare itself to the previous week. So, what was hot for the week is what it is. Yes, there are plenty of titles that I wish wasn’t on the list (especially the “hot for a few days” books that are dead by Sunday). I have similar concerns with why one book gets on the list over another. Every Sunday, I personally dig through the data to see how it made it on there, and check to make sure it makes sense from a data perspective. I wish I could curate this list a lot of time, but the beauty is I can’t. It is what it is.

      If you’re a member of CP, we just sent out our first weekly newsletter that peeks behind the curtain of WHY every single book is on the TOP 10 plus we show you the 10 runner-ups and why the didn’t make it. We also speak towards market oddities, like Spider-Man 2099 #1 this week, which had two raw NM+ auctions at $75 and $200, when the average sale for NM+ is $25. Now, our site is built to push out those oddities from the overall value, but it does stay in the history. But those sales DID cause it to land on our Top 10.
      With that said, we’re always tweaking and making things more and more accurate. So, hopefully we’ll get it to a point where you can get look at the list and feel we got it right. So, thanks for using it and helping us make it better!

      And thanks to Anthony for sharing. Because he shares it here, other then our our surveys we send out, this is really one of the best places to get feedback. So, thank you, good or bad.. it’s all constructive and we hear you.

      1. Thanks Matt. I do appreciate the list. The more lists the better, and they don’t all have to agree. As I said above, I like bouncing them off other lists posted online as they all have their own mathematics. It’s like predicting the weather…different models give you different trends and predictions, but there are usually some consistencies across all of them you can draw decent conclusions from.

  5. Weird inaccurate list that I’m not sure where it’s coming from but is unfortunately still being posted each and every week ……13 comics sold puts you #3 I guess nowadays

    1. I use it as a tool to hunt for certain books. One of the tools I use. I cannot explain what shows on the list or why it’s based off eBay analytics and filters. All I know is I have pulled some books off the list some weeks and flipped them. Some books like Batman Damned obviously cannot be found but others I can find.

  6. So CHU has 20 weeks posted. Here are the most popular books based on top 10 appearances:

    Batman Damned #1 cvrA (17 straight!)
    Batman Damned #1 cvrB (13)
    Ms Marvel #1 (7 wow)
    Ultimate Fallout #4 (7)
    Spawn #1 (7)
    Rags #1 (5)
    Amazing Spider-Man 365 (5)
    Eternals #1 (4)
    Spider-Man 2099 #1 (4)
    Edge/Spider-verse #2 (3)
    She Hulk #1 (3, not too shabby!)

    All others 2 or less.

    Odd stat: BM Damned A has been #1 ten times…but. I others more than once, and only Rags #1 and ASM 365 of the list above have hit #1.

  7. dear heting up you guys.however the player hate in this thread is strong .covr price is a great site and app.those guys are #awesomesauce.they work there a&& off for the comic family.and all I see when this list is posted is player hate and false datya claims and all that kind of is the same with key collector .hey kick how you doing?once again a nifty app or site to have or use especially when buying in bulk collections of twenty boxes or more and once again no matter if it is covr price key collector cbsi hey ben c how you doing?my canadain brother from another mother comic bok scalping the best sitde for tips in speculation love you jimmy jimmy I is the man #testify o.k. second best place on the web next to heating up Anthony is b.p. my point is what the f&&k do people want?i see decent hard working people giving advice on what bgooks are trending up trending down what to buy what to sell hours put in money spent and time away from family and friends and for what for people to bash them every f&&&ing week? here is my advice and this comesstright from the hand . if you think you can do better then create you own dam site and do all the work what is making me so upset is in todays hobby we have way to many lazy m.fers to many keyboard fing warriors as jimmy and myself and half the other decent people in this hobby would say stop being sheepel it is fu&&ing information information on a screen.said information can be used any way you like .I am sick and tired of the amount of player hate I see especially when it is my friends and people that saved my life nd helped me get back into something I lov so that is my advice if you think you can do a better spec site then comic book invest,scalping ,key collector the exchange didn’t realize they are still around here is one that needs more love comic book collateral hey jose how you doing .I am sick and fing tired of the player hate cos play gets on spec sites as well I am sick and tired of a lot of things that effect this great and wonderfull hobby in a bas eay I will say it one las time you think you can do better then make your own f&&&ing site pay for bandwith hosting regester trademarks ec. ec.t ec.t I love you all thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life blind adam the c.p. out

    1. I wasn’t hating, but pointing out that the data was confusing for how items get ranked. For example it provides a %trend without anything to understand what the difference is between 1% and 400%…the rankings obviously aren’t based on that, as I’ve seen numbers as low as 39% In the top 10…and I’ve gone through 20 weeks of data trying to figure it out. I’m a math and numbers guy, so it’s driving me a bit batty.

      But Matt above said they have a newsletter out that explains some of the behind the scenes so I’ll look into that. I do appreciate sites that attempt to report such info. I’ll take as many as I can get. I like top 10 lists! But I also like to know what goes into them.

  8. I count 24 copies of Avengers #48 sold in the last week, an actual real hot book at the moment. I didn’t bother to count the ebay sales of Captain Marvel #14, #17 and ANMNPO #1 but I’d wager that more copies sold of those books than some which are on this list.

  9. Thank you all for the feedback, if the list isn’t something you want to see, let me know. If there are other things you want to see, let me know that too. We want to provide the best information and tools we can in one place. This is a dynamic community and feedback and input is always welcome. Anyone wants to share or write posts, let us know, we love new, fresh perspectives

    1. Ugh, I wrote this long winded comment about how I want the list to continue to be posted as I enjoy looking at as much data as I can find, and how you,have to keep it going at least until Batman Damned falls off….gotta see how much stamina that unit sales in 20 weeks (35 per day a great) and I still commands $60….amazing.

      but alas my post didn’t go through and its too much to try to,repeat….

  10. sorry if I came off harsh.maybe I shouldn’t post aftr getting bad news about the spider-gwen costume I ordered for a video production/short movie. it came from rubys destroyed and I am pushing a hard deadline .plus matt is a friend of mine love those guys so I got a tad devensive but I ment if you think you cand o better then go make your own site and we all make mistakes love you all blind adm out p.s. anyone know where I can buy a adult size spider-gwen costume that is not ebay or amazon?any help.take cara nd have ablessed and safe weekend blind adam out

    1. Party city? I’m looking for one for my daughter for a daddy daughter dance put on bY Girl Scouts that’s superhero themed…or I’ll tuck it away for Halloween. Probably the same stuff you see on amazon..but check it out.

    1. I sold a NM copy for $35 a month ago…guy sent it back telling me it wasn’t even VF. Was expecting the worst when it arrived back, but still looks NM to me! Definitely no worse than NM-. I’ll hold on a little longer.

      CBSI has it #1 this week. Did you see #2? 5 Ronin Psylocke? Where did that come from? I have a set of those 5 Ronins somewhere with my immortal iron fist and immortal weapons….love David Aja’s covers. Stories were decent too.

    1. I know! Time to start unloading if you have extras I would think. Hundred of thousands out there. The Newsstand version, well that’s another story.

  11. how do you tell if it is the newsstand verson on spawn #1?thanks maybe party city has adult size ones as well .love you guys blind adam out

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