Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 93

Greetings my heating up family. Wow it is 2019 and it looks as it will be another great year for comics. Need to catch up on reading some stuff. I did enjoy Young Justice Season Three, the new Champions #1 (Miles don’t make a deal with that guy o.k.) and Jessica Cruz needs more cosplay love. Now let’s make the money on some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Comics Reader #88 – this has a Shadow cover image and feature inside. I love old school fanzines just great stuff and from time to time feature the true first appearances of main players. I am on a Shadow kick and I am buying stuff like this $10 and up

2. Comic Book Market Place #61 – Stan Lee photo cover r.i.p. Stan. We are going into convention season winter style and for the first time in forever no Stan Lee. He is at a convention in heaven #testify love you sir $50-100

3 . Patsy and Hedy #110 – Jessica jones is almost on its third season. Damn shame as it will most likely join Luke, Danny the Iron Fist, and horn head Daredevil getting the ax.  Thanks for the best shows on Netflix but this is the last appearance of Patsy before Fantastic Four Annual #3 her first Marvel age appearance $20 and up

4 . Patsy Walker #116 – Patsy Walker graduates from high school, just a fun find and a fun piece to search for in boxes or on walls $10 and up

5. Patsy Walker #95 – o.k. I enjoy romance comics, however this issue is one of the first comics to have the Marvel Comics box on the cover.  $10 and up

6. Green Lanterns #1 – Jessica Cruz becomes Green Lantern. Have you heard Jessica Cruz is getting animated love, she needs cosplay love as well, but in this issue her run as GL starts and it is #awesomesauce $5

7. Justice League New 52 #30 and #31 – first Jessica Cruz. They called her Power Ring in these issues, go for the combo pack variants as I believe the combo packs will be sought after in years to come $10

8. Adventure Comics #282 – first Starboy he will be in JLA vs the Fatal Five great voice cast and being helmed by Bruce Tim nuff said. Is the 2000’s Legion of Super Heroes show worth watching? $10 and up

9. Adventure Comics #252 first Fatal Five. I love the fact that the Five are getting some love. I would also love for them to show up in an episode or a season of Super Girl $10 and up

10.  Marvel Triple Action #39 and #40 – credit goes to Comics Tom and Topher   for this one. Reprints Avengers #47 and 48, the first Black Knight. Just look at the reprints of the first Ultron and Vision in this series and snag these while they are cheap $5-10

11 . Archie’s TV Laugh Out #12 – great Bronze Age cover featuring Sabrina the Teen Age Witch and Josie and the Pussy Cat’s. Josie and Sabrina need cosplay love and all the Sabrina issues and covers in this run should not be forgotten as they are classics $5-15

12 . Pitt #14 – Credit goes to the Tales from the Flipside podcast from CBSI. This is the first published art from Mr. Venom and Carnage Tyler Kirkham. This book is super cheap $1-5 but who really ordered pitt after issue #1?  There is also a Special Edition  that is pricey.

13. Detective Comics #871 Second Print – first Scott Snyder on Batman, tough to find second print, reintroduction of James Gordon Jr. His fist is Batman #407. I like this as Scott Snyder Batman will be collected and go up forever just a classic run before the New 52. $10-35

14. Action Comics #485 – Neal Adams classic Superman cover. Swipes Superman #233. Neal is known for his Batman work, however, let’s not forget his Superman work as it is great. I love his Green Lantern Green Arrow work the most and one day I will ask him the important question which involves a convention table and a Snapple bottle   $10 and up

Well that is all for this week. Now it is off to dinner with my parents as I am cooking them dinner and getting ready for my Las Vegas adventure if anyone wants to hook up from January 23rd-28th hit me up at love you all
Blind Adam out

5 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 93”

  1. I don’t think Pitt 14 was professional work for Kirkham. It was fan art. He was probably 12 at the time.

  2. Other key Jessica Cruz comics include Green Lantern 20 (first cameo) and Justice League 50 (she joins green lantern corps and debut of wonder woman’s half brother).

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