Character to Watch: Union Jack III

Trying to guess the newest Marvel hero to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be a potshot. My friend Jeremy hit me up with one that is a good, cheap spec, and worth a grab perhaps (I grabbed a couple copies this week). That Character is Union Jack III and the book is Captain America #253

Captain America #253 is the first appearance of Union Jack III.  We will get into the history of the character a little bit before giving the spec.

The first Union Jack was Lord James Falsworth who first appears in Invaders #7. This is the first time anyone appears as Union Jack. The original Union Jack was a World War I era hero who fought alongside Captain America.

The Second Union Jack was Brian Falsworth, the son of Lord James, and fought Nazi’s in World War II. He first appears in Invaders #18, before becoming Union Jack in Invaders #21. He too fought along side of Captain America.

The third one is the one to watch though. He is Joseph “Joey” Chapman who first appears in  the previously mentioned Captain America #253 , and you guessed it fights alongside Captain America.

The first appearances for all three characters can be found cheap.

So what makes him special? Kevin Smith did an interview with Black Panther Movie writer Stephen McFeely, where this was discussed:

“I will say this,” Markus said. “Every time you make a movie with Nate Moore he tries to put Joey Chapman, is he Captain Britain or…Union Jack, yeah. He tries to put Union Jack in. He will succeed, I warn you now he will succeed.”

“Whether you want Union Jack or not,” McFeely said.

This comes from a story done by who had this to say about the character:

It’s not like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is lacking heroes, but one Black Panther producer is making it his mission to bring Union Jack to the big screen.

The character came up during a Q&A segment on Fat-Man on Batman, where Avengers: Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revealed one that one of Black Panther’s executive producers is determined to make him part of the MCU.

Moore will have plenty of chances in Phase 4 to get the character in there, and who knows, maybe he’ll show up in the Black Panther sequel? It might seem like a longshot, but there’s already a bit a link to build on. Fans actually met the first Union Jack Montgomery Falsworth in Captain America: The First Avenger, though he wasn’t a costumed hero yet. He appears as one of the POWs that Rogers saves from HYDRA, and helps in the assault of the Hydra base.

So, you could always work with that and say he later became Union Jack, and there’s your legacy character right?

If they work on the legacy of the character, the other two first character appearances Invaders #7 and Invaders #18Invaders #21 could become important.

Special thanks to my long time friend Jeremy Abbott for sending this over. Something he and I have been talking about for about a week Nowak and something he has been working on for a while. He published a piece over on another group and asked me to get the word out as well.

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