One Week Later Report for January 23rd, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report, the first one for this year. This week we’ll cover the books released on 1/16/2019.

DC Books

This book sold out pretty quickly online and locally at most retailers as I think since it wasn’t an Artgerm and not a Middleton Killer B cover, shops might of dropped the ball on ordering heavy on this one.

But Catwoman #7 Oliver Killer B saw some success on the secondary market.

Some sales topped at around the $20 range. Since then most recent sales put this as a solid $10 book.

Grab’em if you still find them out in the wild and flip’em as I don’t think this is Oliver’s best work and this will soon become a cover price book eventually, after the hype wears off.

The one I couldn’t find and wanted was the Wonder Woman #62 Matteo Scalera Killer B variant.

Just a slick looking cover from my favorite Black Science artist. It didn’t catch fire but a few early sales put this around the $10 range.

More recent books make this slightly at or above cover price. Still a nice book for the collection.

Marvel Books

Not a whole lot happened for Marvel books on the secondary market since last week except one book that was a total surprise.

That book was Uncanny X-Men #10 David Finch variant. You could find this for cover price at most retailers (well, Midtown listed theirs for cover price). So not sure what hula hoops retailers had to jump through to qualify for these but this book ended up peaking around the $30 range for a majority of it’s sales initially and most BIN still selling around that price.

A few auctions recently ended at around $9 range but if you can find these, it’s a quick flip potential for sure.

I must say, it’s a sweet cover but I don’t think it will stick around as a $30 book for too long after those who want it in their collection get their copy to stash away. But I could be wrong.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

White Widow #1 seems to have won some over on the secondary market.

A few sales of both cover A and B were selling upwards around the $75 range.

Cover A was reaching the $50 range on it’s own.

Since the peak, a lot of recent sales puts the regular cover A and B around the $20 range, which seems to have a lot of auction sales. This book also has a ton of alternate covers from retailers and a few con covers that are doing well on the secondary market as well.

So this is a book to grab if you see it out in the wild for cheap, quick flip potential currently.

Not much else on the small publisher and indie comic list. It was a smaller indie and small publisher week.

15 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for January 23rd, 2019”

    1. Haha.. I wonder if CGC and other slabbers will start labeling Mattina covers after the actual artists moving foward? 😛

      1. I feel like there hasn’t been enough outrage on the consumer side over the Mattina scandal, with some even choosing to continue buying his work. What he did, and did again, is unconscionable. The only reason people aren’t more vocal is because they’ll damage the spec. on books they invested in; they should be livid instead. He got away with it once, are fans really going to let it happen again? His work is rushed, his inspiration is stolen, his style is flat. Glad I went for the A covers and rarely fell into the Mattina honey B trap.

        1. I’ll be perfectly honest, I haven’t bought a Mattina variant in quite some time. I think the last one I bought was the Stranger Things variant.

          What I find really sad is, the man can draw and create great art work. I can’t understand why he’s needing to use, steal or downright copy other people’s work for his own.

        2. @ h3rb2nkn1ght…I agree with you 100%. Mattina is a bush league hack. I purged him from my collection when Alana first alerted me to his shenanigans.

        3. Mattina has been cranking out covers left and right, but now we know why he’s hit all of his deadlines… sucks that a good percentage of his original work is now tainted by cutting corners.

          1. Everyone should realize there’s a certain reason why Marvel suddenly dropped Mattina and he went to DC. I’m certain now with all the heat on his work now at DC they’ll be doing the same unless they come out with some great explanation of him swiping DC cover art and passing it on his own covers.

            1. Very on point, AP. Mattina is a great artist. It is absolutely mind boggling why he is copying and pasting pieces of other artists work into his.

  1. I killed it on White Widow last week. Made a bunch of cash on that book. I used some of my profits to buy, what looks like in the listing, a Thor #337 9.8 candidate. Im hooked on Beta Ray Bill.

    1. I’ve got two auctions going now for White Widow. I only bought because I knew.. I just knew I would make profit from these. The nerds love them some skimpy big boobed cover art..

  2. I really like that old Mattina the Cars (or trucks) get when they age in the weather! much more original! too!

    1. That result of the oxidizing process for bronze metals over extended periods of time me, that you mentioned, Pete, is referred to as patina. Not Mattina. ?.

    1. I thought, for sure, that McFarlane would dump Mattina immediately if/when he caught wind of what’s going on. McFarlane, given his history in regards to creator ownership and such, should not be working with ‘Mattina any longer.

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