Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 1/24/19 launched recently and has quickly become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:


White Widow #1 Red Foil
7 Day Trend: +243%
Weekly Units Sold: 95
 Sales Average Raw: $21.00
Sales Average Graded: $128.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: New small press series. Wasn’t heavily ordered and hard to find in some areas. Jamie Tyndall has a huge following.



Amazing Spider-Man #212 Newsstand
7 Day Trend: +286%
Weekly Units Sold: 65
 Sales Average Raw: $62.61
Sales Average Graded: $270.00 (CGC 9.6)
Reason: Newsstand version of first Hydro-Man


Amazing Spider-Man #212 Direct Edition
7 Day Trend: +166%
Weekly Units Sold: 86
 Sales Average Raw: $42.50
Sales Average Graded: $347.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Hydro-Man. Could be in new Spider-Man movie


Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Variant
7 Day Trend: +122%
Weekly Units Sold: 109
Sales Average Raw: $25.58
Sales Average Graded: $105.00  (CGC 9.8 )
Reason: Great looking cover that sold out quickly. A new character to boot.


Catwoman #7 Ben Oliver Variant
7 Day Trend: +101%
Weekly Units Sold: 89
 Sales Average Raw: $10.20
Sales Average Graded: $NA  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: New Cover artist, stores may not have upped their orders on this cover. (Will Mattina steal this image too?)


Uncanny X-Men #10 Finch Variant
7 Day Trend: +355%
Weekly Units Sold: 23
 Sales Average Raw: $29.04
Sales Average Graded: $ NA (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Great looking cover, was hard to find in some areas.


Supernatural Thrillers #8
7 Day Trend: +200%
Weekly Units Sold: 29
 Sales Average Raw: $58.50
Sales Average Graded: $238.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of the Elementals.


Batman Damned #1
7 Day Trend: +96%
Weekly Units Sold: 57
Sales Average Raw: $$77.98
Sales Average Graded: $147.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Bruce Wayne’s wiener.


Young Avengers #1
7 Day Trend: +108%
Weekly Units Sold: 41
 Sales Average Raw: $43.00
Sales Average Graded: $252.00  (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Rumor of Young Avengers movie has sent this soaring.


Giant Sized X-Men #1
7 Day Trend: +175%
Weekly Units Sold: 25
 Sales Average Raw: $611.00
Sales Average Graded: $1587.00(CGC 8.5)
Reason: Doesn’t really need an explanation, New X-Men team formed. Classic key book.


26 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 1/24/19”

    1. We agree. In our newsletter we laid out the 3 market guesses on who those creatures are: (1) Molten Man & Hydro Man, (2) Elementals (even Wikipedia sites they being in the trailer (3) Mysterio induced illusions (which we tried to favor without directly saying so). Problem is, the market itself is divided. Both 1st Elementals and 1st Hydroman are on the top 10. That just means that one of those groups of buyers are going to have WAY overpaid. It’s hard when people guess at a trailer. What’s funny is that the first Mysterio, first fully seen in action, only saw a small bump (granted, it was expensive already where the above books had a very low buy in). It’s interesting at least to see how reactive buyers were on this trailer.

    2. Sadly, wasted spec or not, people are buying the books. If it goes the way I think it will and was all a big illusion, then what will happen to the Supernatural Thriller?

      1. The one shot that Hydro, Molten and others have of appearing would be if the Elementals at the end or end credits jumped into human hosts making an origin for the characters. The Hydroman spec original comes from one of the first photos released for the movie by Tom Holland showing a wave hitting people in the background of his on set pic. So it was always a theory that it was hydro man with no evidence whatsoever. Now we know that it’s another water based villain so it’s easy to see why it was spec’d wrong back when 1st hydroman was $5-10. If they are illusions and not real there will be zero chance of this happening

  1. The weekly newsletter covrprice puts out also includes a top 10 runner ups and week in review. Any chance either or both of those can be added to this report? Or maybe those interested can sign up for it.

  2. I looooove how people are hyping up the elementals of doom in FF 232(?)

    I bought it from a dollar bin cause i thought itd be funny/quirky/neat to have the book they made a true believers out of.

      1. Another spec site had a theory that the Elementals in FF 232 were tied to Dr. Strange and could therefore be tied to Marvel movies

  3. Question, wasn’t the Batweiner first appearence in the Batman Damned #1 retailer proof? (I think I got the version right) Beleive it was sent prior to the official #1.

  4. The first appearance of Wonder Womans vagina would probably make the list even longer than batmans penis…….unless the two have a crossover

  5. What to do?…Bought three copies of Supernatural Thrillers when rumors first hit. Got a NM for $24, a VF for $8 and a VG+ for $6. I sold the VF a little over a moth ago for $60. Paid for all three if you include shipping. Do I keep the NM one and sell the VG+ or the other way around? No matter how the movie turns out I am wondering if the Elementals will turn out to be a Steppenwolf of sorts. Steppenwlf’s first appearance in New Gods #7 skyrocketed, but now the book has cooled off quite a bit and doesn’t see the same premiums from roughly a year and a half ago. Just not sure the Elementals will have styling power. If they do I would hate to sell a high grade copy too early. Definitely want to keep one for the pc, just not sure which. Ah, the dilemma of comic book speculating.

    1. Depends on what you think the end game is. If you think the Elementals will be a hit because of the movie, keep them. If you think that it may be a Mysterio trick, sell another copy. More than likely it will go down long term.

      1. Usually I am pretty good at guessing what to expect or close to it, but these Elementals are not really giving me much to go on…and like you brought up Mysterio might be doing what Mysterio does best. I haven’t looked at prices in a few weeks but they seem to have gone up a little. Could probably sell the NM/NM- for a good chunk of change. Right now my gut says no matter how good the movie is and even if the Elementals are not a Mysterio trick they will probably cool off unless there is an Eternals tie-in or something big like that connecting them to the Marvel cinematic U.

        1. I would sell the vf book now, as it’s probably an easy sell with the hype. But if the hype goes down you should still be able to get rid of a NM copy easily. A VF copy may be tougher down the road.

          Same thing holds true if yore thinking you’ll keep a copy. Sell the lower grade during the hype, always hold onto the higher grade until you need to sell it.

          1. The VF is gone. It did pay for all three that I bought so no complaints. No matter which one I sell now it is all profit….which I like.

    2. I’ve been looking at prices for Thrillers 8 and at least for listing prices, they seem to be close to $100-125+ for VF and up. Not quite sure what auctions are finishing at, but I’d think you could sell the VG for at least $50 or so BIN (at least that’s what I’d try to do).

    3. I think the big difference is that, movie or no, Steppenwolf tends to be part of DC Cosmic events, at least the ones that involve Darksied. So he may not be worth what he once was, but he’ll continue to be relevant in the DCU. This whole Elementals thing is a flash in the pan though. They’re tertiary characters, and worse than that, they’re also villains. You can keep it ifif you like but you’ve got better odds of curing cancer with a children’s home science kit than a first Elementals does of staying up in value over the next couple years. Villans, even when they’re mainstays of their universe, don’t hold value compared to their heroic counterparts. They’re fun to collect, and you’ll never run out of books to chase, but they’re first trailer pump and dump investments. You’ve gotta have the next Dr Doom to make a long term hold worth it financially.

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