Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of January 30th, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of January 30th, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

December 2018 

You know what I dislike? The second half of December 2018 was so lame for new comics that I am just not going to do a Part II review for the month.

As you know, Part I was posted last week but after I started reviewing December 19th and the 26th Wednesday releases, there was really only 1 book worthy of mentioning which happened to be the Amazing Spider-Man #12 Adi Granov Fantastic Four Villains variant cover. So there you go, there’s Part II of the December review.

With that said, most if not all books from the second half of December can be found at your local retailers or online.

New Killer B Covers

I totally like seeing fresh new cover art causing heat on the secondary market before the book is released.

Wonder Woman #63 has a new Killer B cover that is just pure awesome. Kudos to Kamome Shirahama who’s work was likely overlooked by retailers so the possible lower orders for these is making these hot with demand.

These have already sold out at about every retailer I’ve checked and already selling for $10 or more on pre-sales on eBay.

We need more Kamome Shirahama if she’s gonna pull off work like this cover.

Also speaking about Killer B Covers, working on something I hope the CHU and comic community will appreciate as a companion website. Once ready, you’ll certainly hear about it first here on CHU.

Website Feedback

I’ve been appreciating the feeback on the new website. Please keep it coming. We want CHU to be the goto website for all your comic book speculating and news along with other pop culture news (I know we don’t do as much as other sites but if it’s comic related, we strive to share it).

I must also say I like doing away with the pesky popup ad. It got rather annoying for sure but it also stopped all you readers from belly aching about it.  I kid, I kid..

But if you want to see something at CHU, please do speak up. I doubt we can accommodate all requests but throwing out ideas of what you readers want to see or use gives us great ideas to implement now that we have more freedom on the backend.

That’s all for my likes and dislikes. It’s a small week for sure, doing a lot of the backend stuff now for CHU eats up a lot of time since I still have a full time job outside of CHU.

24 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of January 30th, 2019”

  1. “But if you want to see something at CHU, please do speak up.”

    Free snacks! Every time I visit Poyo’s hand should emerge through the screen with a fresh bag of chips for me to enjoy whilst kicking-back and enjoying the articles on CHU!

  2. The website has the quality over quantity. Fancy graphics and long articles aint CHU. I also think the “regular” commenters have good insight and appear to care for this comic community. Thanks for helping us bottom feeders with info and contests.

  3. I would like to see the Wednesday Forum be the last article to go up on Wednesday nights. I feel that it always draws the most participation in the comments section. But, when the forum gets buried under several spoiler posts, then the conversation in the forum suffers. Or, if possible, perhaps ‘pin’ the forum to the top of the page/site for Wednesday and Thursday whilst the conversations in the forum carry out.

    1. I wouldn’t oppose doing the forum last or pinning it for a day. But Anthony would have to chime in. I can say we have plans hopefully to expand the comments into much more in the the near future. 🙂

    2. Second this. I’ve noticed that if the pregam report comes out after the open forum, it becomes the open forum mostly.

  4. And Poyo, I still sm not getting my lil orange comment reply notification. I am logged into WP, but surfing the site via chrome. What am I doing wrong, such that I am not receiving the orange notification?

    1. Hmmm… I get mine but it seems sometimes its a bit behind at times. Thats a WordPress thing though since it uses a plugin that taos into their backend. Is your Login an actual WordPress login account?

  5. Love that Wonder Woman cover .. in fact, although it’s early in the year and will likely be supplanted, it’s “Cover of the Year” so far, at least IMO .. 🙂

    1. All looks good on my end, no empty spaces. What could have happened is Google Ads attempted to load an Ad there but it never loaded perhaps? I’ve seen that happen from time to time.

  6. As far as article suggestions go, with FCBD coming up in May, and I figure most of you collect those, a piece on past performance in the Secondary Market would be interesting .. books for FCBD this year are being solicited now, so thoughts on those as well ..

    As a Shop Owner, it’s the day that drags in the most people .. plenty of which we only see that one day, until the next year .. I don’t know if it expands the market as intended or not ..

    1. Agreed. We had over 1300 people through the door last year, which according to Diamond puts us in the top 10% of shops, but there are loads of folks from that day we have never seen again. We did three months rent in sales in one day (which is obviously wonderful). But I can pull up the records for loyalty signups from that day and there are dozens and dozens and dozens of them who were brand new customers that day and have 0 visits since. I plan to run actual conversion numbers before this year’s FCBD just so our team has goals to shoot for. But to be honest even getting half those people to come back just once in the following 11 months would probably be a stretch goal.

      1. I would love to see some real world numbers. It’s great that shops see a huge increase of sales on FCBD but if it’s not creating repeat customers, makes one try considering other ways to create more loyal customers instead of having to give away free comics once a year.

        1. I don’t have a beef with FCBD .. if you can land even 10 new repeat customers or pull and holds, it’s done its job, since you did not have those before .. problem is the time available to talk to new folks, get to know what they like, etc, etc .. and do some actual meet and greet and selling .. other than “Hey Man. where are the Free Comics .. ??”

          The one thing I will say is, early on when FCBD started, the books were actually free for the Retailer .. now, we have to pay .. it’s not a lot, I think maybe .25 cents a book .. but still, you’d think at least Marvel / DC would take some of their money and give the Retailers the books on the house, maybe based on the last year of orders or some formula .. after all, we’re the ones out here where the rubber meets the road ..

  7. well what do I want.oh right can’t talk about that anymore. well how about a serch feature for older stuff the site has covered from back in the day?or if you want to find a certain contrubitor .also jetlag sucks over pri ced casino sodas suck and nyc airports are a pain in the butt love you guys blind adam out

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