Spoilers: Marvel Kills Major Teen Character in Champions #2

Champions #2 is in stores tomorrow. The team is made up of teenage heroes, Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, Amadeus Cho, and Viv Vision. One of the four die in this issue. Check the spoilers out below. The images are redacted but the accompanying text is not so proceed only if you are ok with the book being spoiled. Click on the spoiler warnings below to see the original image. 

The Champions are fighting Zzzax. Miles steps up and saves the day for this young lady.

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Doesn’t look good for her.

And Miles reaction. Totally dead, I promise.

But someone steps up to make things right.

He sells his offer well.

And Miles’ decision

Did it work? Things seemed to have reset

Well, except to the young girl at the beginning.

Well there you go. She totally died, for several pages at least. Found it odd Marvel world do this to her. Seems like Miles is doing a lot of the things Peter has done as the “Brand New Day” comparison is easy to make.

6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Marvel Kills Major Teen Character in Champions #2”

  1. Is this the setup for the evil mileM Morales in the next issue? Thought it was the character introduced in Spidermen II #1?? Not a Mephisto-deal regular Miles?

  2. Islamophobe Marvel a holes killing her off, maybe it’s for the best since her skin color seems to get whiter and lighter as the years pass on.

    1. Can we necessarily say they’re Islamophobic when they created her in the first place? And she only died for 6 pages.. which theoretically you can’t say she died now. I don’t read Ms. Marvel or books she’s in so I can’t comment on her actually getting lighter over the years.

    2. Now that is a ridicules comment, yes the whole Marvel Universe is against Muslims, perhaps she is just being purified. I guess it comes down to which shoulder she was created from. Please leave your personal religious and racial thoughts to yourself, nobody here cares for comments like that it only incites people to react negatively to them, hence my response. Statistically I think comics in general have done a reasonable job with diversification and inclusion, maybe all the blind people should now have a call to arms because Daredevil has been killed off. My apologies to any that have a visual impairment disability no disrespect intended.

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