Poyo’s Comic Blowout Sale

Poyo’s sorting and cleaning out his comic boxes on a cold rainy Saturday and wants to give you CHU readers first grabs at books before I list them on eBay.

So click on the continue reading to see what I have for grabs.

I have a bunch of books that had recent media options and announcements but here’s the full listings of books + quantities I have.

If interested, email me at agentpoyo@gmail.com as I will sell these first come, first serve. I will give the first interested party that commits to buy  24 hours to buy before I sell to the next party that is interested. If you email me with just an inquiry (if it’s still available but without a commit to buy),  I will only give you 4 hours to reply with a commit to buy or not buy before selling to the next interested party.

Feel free to give me Best Offers as well for any, I might just bite. But please do be fair in the best offers, I’m attempting to list these under cover already from scanning eBay and other sources before setting my prices.

Also, do not paypal me at agentpoyo@gmail.com as that is not my paypal address. Please confirm that the books are still available since we have to calculate shipping as well. Thanks.

The format will be Quantity Available x Title : Price Each.

All books are NM condition and first prints unless otherwise noted. The links will take you to eBay to compare prices, etc.

1 x Reborn #1 – Blank Variant with Francesco Francavilla Mondo Con One-of-a-Kind Sketch from 2016: $$ Entertaining Best Offers

Below is snapshot from Francavilla’s Twitter he posted after he completed.

4 x Reborn #1 – Blank Sketch Variants: $8

1 x Reborn #1 – Cover A Capullo: $10    SOLD

1 x Reborn #1 – Cover D Jock Cover: $10

2 x Monstrous #1 Source Point Press: $4

6 x Dredd Final Judgement #2 – Jock Cover: $4

2 x Teen Titans #12 2nd Print Variant: $8

1 x Black Hammer #1 Cover A: $15    SOLD

1 x Black Hammer #1 Cover B Lemire: $15    SOLD

2 x Motor Girl #1: $14

1 x Star Wars #51 Jabba JTC Exclusive Action Figure Cover: $30

So if you’re interested, please contact me via email. That’s including offers as well. I will try and keep this list updated in the article or in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Poyo’s Comic Blowout Sale”

  1. Also, just to add to this sale a little tidbit. If you inquire about a book and say you want it while others possibly inquiring about it as well, once you say you’re committed to buying, you’ll have 24 hours until I sell it to the next interested party. This way we don’t leave others in limbo if they’re wanting the same book. Basically, first come, first serve.

  2. Did you see Battle Angel Alita already Alana? I’m looking forward to it but haven’t heard that much about it yet review wise.

  3. Shoot. I have about 40 Carol Danvers slabbed books I need to push out the door. I should write a blog to see if anyone wants them 1st before I put them on feebay. oh, whomever got that Reborn Capullo book, that was a steal for $10. I sold one for $40 two weeks ago. 🙂

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