Elias Chatzoudis Covers Sabrina The Teenaged Witch

Artist Elias Chatzoudis is providing cover art for Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. The exclusive cover is available from out friends at NY Collector Cave.

The covers went up for pre-sale today at NY Collector Cave. They are available in regular and virgin variant.

The regular cover is limited to 400 copies and the virgin is limited to 250 copies. They are available as individual covers or as a set.



5 thoughts on “Elias Chatzoudis Covers Sabrina The Teenaged Witch”

    1. Really low print runs too…think these are good spec? I don’t really follow Sabrina, but I know such print runs for Elvira would probably hit $100 quickly aftermarket on something like this.

      1. Probably depends if this re-launch takes off if there will be demand. It is not a horror-version it seems, so it might not be that desired beyond people who dig this cover. Hard to say, in other words.

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