One Week Later Report for February 13th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 2/6/2019.

DC Books

Harley Quinn #58 we saw another Killer B cover, this time from Derrick Chew.

It’s a very noisy computer animated style cover but still very cool if you ask me. It started selling out at most online retailers ahead of release.

This reached as high as the $20 or so mark but has since cooled off to be a solid $8 to $10 book with the more recent sales.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the next Derrick Chew does on the secondary market as he’s got a less noisy Batgirl #32 being released on the 27th of this month, which I totally dig more than this Harley cover.

Marvel Books

The Age of X-Man Marvelous X-Men #1 Hugo Variant sold out pretty quickly online but is not seeing any love on the secondary market.

Most recent sold listings are only around a buck or so above cover price.

Perhaps some collectors are like me, I’m not that fond of the computer generated looking covers. Just doesn’t give me that comic book feel. Call me old school I suppose.

Another book that could still have potential since there’s some first appearances in the issue is Avengers #14 Matteo Scalera Wrap Around Variant.

It was a higher ratio variant so most retailers likely started this book in the $20 range, a recent sold listing went for $60 with a bunch of others in the mid $30 average range.

This is definitely a book to watch long term since it’s a 1:25  ratio and if the new villains become popular over time. Most Marvel ratio variants are poor picks but if there’s a significant appearance in them, they can turn out to be gems.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Magical Beatdown saw sales as high as $20 with most sales now hovering around the $10 mark. Not a bad pickup if you can still find them. I anticipated small print runs for this one.

God Mode #1 from Keenspot is a solid $10 book on the secondary market. Seems most sold listings are for either Cover A or Cover C from the lot of covers.

The last book on the list was mentioned by Anthony in his earlier post on Tuesday. These Savage Shores #3 seems to be selling in the $10 to $15 range.

Probably due to low print run and scarce availability is the only reason I could imagine these are seeing some aftermarket love. Those who are reading it are having a hard time finding them. Not sure, it’s not so often to see a 3rd issue heat up on an indie book except when there’s a wee bit more demand and retailers didn’t order enough to fulfill orders.




15 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for February 13th, 2019”

  1. Sadly, Magical Beatdown is absolute garbage, and I’m a big fan of both indie comics & magical girl anime. Since I pre-ordered a copy, I paid only $3.90, and that sill feels like at least three bucks more than the comic is worth.

  2. you can get MagicalBeatdown directly from the publisher Silver Sprocket. I don’t get the inflated Ebay sales at all.

      1. People were paying $20 to $25 on eBay for the signed Midtown Stranger Things Mattina variant when it was still available at Midtown for $10. I think some people are just stuck in the eBay world, thinking they’re getting deals when they can apply a little bit more effort to find the items at other online retailers.

  3. Bought and sold all of these books. Except Magical Beatdown. Zero interest in the one I have on eBay/Instagram (@panelpunx4sale). I’m not sure why it hit those numbers when Silver Sprocket had stock for cover price. Kinda cool little book. More of a zine style comic than anything.

    Getting the itch to list my Immortal Hulk run. The numbers are UP.

  4. I guess variants outside of cover don’t really count. Check out that GI Joe Sierra Muerte 1:25 Variant by Mycheals. I picked up for $17 after I saw what it was going on eBay.

    1. I try to catch the higher ratio variants when I can but they get missed from time to time. I think at the time I wrote this up it was still in stock at Midtown and some others I checked. Good catch though, not sure why that book is selling like it is, its not really that great of a cover. I can only imagine most shops didnt order nearly 25 copies of this book so supplies are limited and the hardcore Joe fans are seeking them out.

    2. So to add to this GI Joe Sierra Muerte #1 Mychaels, a few have sold for the $60, $80 and best offer taken on $159 listing. Now the only ones listed seem to be in the $100+ range. So for all you out there picking up books, keep an eye out for this one, could be a nice flip if you can find cheap.

      Thanks for the heads up CRUZZER!

      1. No doubt. My LCS owner comes to this site and often comments to me in person about some posts. His comments would be super controversial even though I have asked him on time to write something up for the site. One thing people do not know is that Marat has drawn Deadpool more then Liefield. Anyways, I pisked it up and ask for $70 and got it. It helped pay for my next week run of comics. I have to do this more often. I don’t like selling stuff on eBay as opposed to Facebook because I get clipped a total of 12% as opposed to 2% on Facebook, but eBay opens up specifics. While there is a lot of facebook pages dedicated towards selling books, maybe Anthony or someone should open up a group on Facebook to discuss things. I don’t like taking the attention from this page but it would be cool for readers to help each others out. I live in AZ and I’d call my friends on the East Coast before 9am AZ time, while it was 11am or 12pm their time and ask them what was selling out to pick up here for them. I dunno but I kind of miss them. Just a thought.

        1. I’m actually working on something that should integrate the comments here into also a forum, where members can start their own discussions as well. Stay tuned.. 🙂

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