One Week Later Report for February 20th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 2/13/2019.

DC Books

Batman Who Laughs #3 Federici Killer B sold out online but there’s no love yet on the secondary market.

Most sales around cover price with just a few a wee bit over cover price. This one is a wait and see, long term hold or one for the PC.

Detective Comics #998 Gary Frank variant was another DC book that sold out at a majority of the major online retailers but you can find at or perhaps less than cover price. Grab it for the personal collection, unless something inside the book is exposed later, I don’t see this one heating up ever.

And the last DC book worth mentioning only because of it’s Killer B status as being a beautiful cover by Argerm is the Wonder Woman #64 Artgerm. Sold out at most retailers online but it’s still a cover price book on the secondary market.

Perhaps retailers are catching on to the variant covers, making these easily available. Or perhaps speculators are buying and swamping the market. Hard to tell. I still say, buy what you like and or want. I’m sure we’ll have a winner eventually when it slips past retailers.

Marvel Books

Avengers No Road Home #1 Hughes Variant saw some slight success but being a 1:50 ratio, some retailers list these in the $60 to $75 range to begin with.

Some sales reached as high as $80 so this is a winner if you found cheap or for cover price.

Seems most listings for BIN are ranging anywhere between $69.99 to $99.99 with a few auctions hovering around the $50 range at time of writing.

If the new Nyx villain in this book proves worthy, could be a nice book to own long term. Villains are hit or miss most of the time, sometimes not really proving their worth and value until further down the beaten path when they’ve made more appearances.

Now on with the Immortal Hulk new printings from last week.

There was an Immortal Hulk #2 3rd Printing that hit shelves last week and for the most part is a cover price book on the secondary but there was a few sales above cover, one reaching $10 range.

Not a bad pickup I say for the long term gamble. We’ll know hopefully the print run next month but I’m expecting its going to be a bit larger than the normal 3rd printing since this series is on fire right now.

Immortal Hulk #3 3rd Printing isn’t getting as much love as #2. It’s still a cover price book.

Immortal Hulk #7 2nd Printing is the same as #3’s third printing, not a lot of love on the secondary market. Could be long term but I think with these extra printings it’s all about supply and demand.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Devils #1 from Antarctic Press was one of those books I mentioned months in advance. It still heated up and became a $18 book early on but has since settled on becoming a $10 or so book, give or take a few.

So if you find them, grab’em and flip’em. I don’t think this one will hold it’s value long now that the hype is wearing off.

The other Antarctic Press book Exciting Comics #1. If you got in early you could have made out on some profit but for the most part these are fizzling and you can find some of the higher ratio variants once again at Midtown.

Still not a bad pickup if you can find them out in the wild.

Overall not a very exciting week for flipping books if you ask me.

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  1. How can you not have listed Marvel Tales Black Widow #1 the bartel virgin variant 1:50–it is a ghost and a few people have made serious returns already on this book—Hands down it will be the winner out of all the books to come out in 2019—it is super rare and people are paying for it when they do become available for sale, check the couple that were listed on ebay—–money money money.

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