March Previews Killer B Covers for DC Books Spotlight

Every month, new Killer B covers are created by some of the best talent in the comic industry.

Here are some of the new Killer B books we are anticipating.

Click to pre-order Batgirl #35 from TFAW

Batgirl #35 by Joshua Middleton. Retailers have caught on with Middleton but it’s still a great looking cover. If the cover ends up being all black, could be a hard one to find in fresh minty 9.8 type shape.

Click to pre-order Batman Beyond #32 from TFAW

I really like Kaare Andrews and Batman Beyond is starting to put out some nice Killer B covers between him and Ben Oliver.

Click to pre-order Dceased #1 Putri Variant from TFAW

It’s not a B cover but rather the C cover as I’m avoiding Mattina (who’s doing the B cover for this series) until we get explanations for his possible plagiarisms. Anyways, this is just a awesome cover by Yasmine Putri. I know I always say Bet on A when it comes to long term covers, I feel this one is the winner out of this new series.

Click to pre-order Hawkman #12 from TFAW

I don’t even read Hawkman but these Tedesco’s variants give me second thoughts on buying just for the personal collection. Great looking cover. Hawkman #11 (Tedesco Variant) is also a great looking cover which reminds me of Superman: The Man of Steel #17 which was the start of Doomsday and Superman’s first death.

Click to pre-order Shazam #6 (Shirahama Variant) from TFAW

Stepping into the spotlight last month with her Wonder Woman #63 Killer B cover, now she’s doing a awesome Shazam Killer B. Can’t go wrong I say. Maybe a new rising star if she keeps pumping out covers like these.

Click to pre-order Justice League #23 (Opena Variant)

I’m loving that Opena is doing more cover art for both DC and Marvel. His work on Black Science is top notch. Can’t go wrong with a classic looking Justice League cover that has all the team members coming at you.

Click to pre-order Justice League Odyssey #9 (Parrillo Variant)

I’m not totally familiar with Parrillo’s work but this cover caught my attention. Definitely a nice looking B cover.

Click to pre-order Martian Manhunter #5 (of 12) (Variant)

My favorite DC series now with another great looking Middleton variant.

Click to pre-order Teen Titans #30 (Garner Variant) Terminus Agenda

I’m not a huge fan of the more computer generated art covers but this one is still pretty slick and could be a sleeper. I have a feeling it could be sought after or do well on the after market but you know, I could be wrong. Still a sweet cover for the personal collection if it comes to that.

There’s a few others I would have put on this list but without final confirmation of the final cover art, I’ve excluded them.

16 thoughts on “March Previews Killer B Covers for DC Books Spotlight”

  1. I’m all over the Putri C cover for DCeased….DC’s version of Marvel Zombies, I believe.

    Speaking of Putri and if you’re a fan of her art (like I am) check out her variant cover for Batgirl 32. FOC this Monday.

    The upcoming B Covers for Batman Beyond are pretty sweet too (30 & 31).

  2. I can not believe that McFarlane is still working w/ Mattina. I always took Todd as a champion of creators rights. It hurts me that he is still employing Mattina after Mattina, allegedly, stole other artists work and claimed it as his own.

  3. The thing that ruffled my feathers this week was when I saw the C cover for Spawn this past Wednesday. Its the B&W head shot of Violator, by McFarlane and by Todds signature it reads ‘after Mattina’.

    1. I was considering dropping Tech after 1000, but those connecting covers convinced me to stick it out at least 4 more issues. Those Killer abs keep sucking me back in!

      1. Ive been telling myself the same thing, DRog, for about 6 months now. Dropping tec after 1000. Now that the time is here, I dont know if Im going to stick to my plan.

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