January 2019 in Review – Part II

Welcome back to the second part of monthly review where we check the status of all the weekly picks and books we covered from the previous month. This time it’s for January 2019 Part II.

With these reviews, we find out how right or how wrong we were, what we missed and what you can likely still find at cover price, likely at the local comic shop or at online retailers.

We already covered the top ten books based on print numbers and the first two weeks of January, let’s see how the second half of January did.

January 16th

Catwoman #7 Ben Oliver Killer B – 35,490

Great cover that did well on the secondary market.  Reached as high as the $20 range for single issues (lots of multiple issue listings and sold listings).

Since then this has cooled off, so much that even a recent auction ended at around $1.99.

Most retailers still sold out, so not a bad pickup if you find them out in the wild.

Wonder Woman #62 Scalera Killer B – 33,870

Great Scalera cover that quickly shot up to around the $10 range but since then has cooled back off to cover price type sales.

Uncanny X-Men #10 Finch Variant – 52,365

Overlooked by most retailers or possibly Marvel made it so they had to jump through hula hoops to qualify to order (please, someone chime in if they have access to such info), this one was a total winner and is still selling well.

Reaching as high as $50 initially, some recent sales still pushing the $30 range.

Grab’em if you find’em for cheap. Flip or keep.

White Widow #1 – 7,477

A book I personally bought only to flip. It’s just that type of book if you ask me. Skimpy looking front cover to draw in you comic nerds. It’s a win for comic flippers and the weak who can’t resist not shelling out some cash for such books.

Yeah yeah, I’m poking fun at you who spent a premium for this book. All I have to say is, thanks for turning my $7 investment into a really quick $40 with relative ease.

Initial sales reaching in the $50 for single issues (not counting the kickstarter and other variants put out, I’m only covering the cover A and B that most retailers were able to order).

Since it’s peak, this is still a solid $15 book on a good day.

These Savage Shores #1 3rd Print – ?? (Less than 208)

Only a handful of sales but still not horrible. The ones who could sell this book saw sold prices anywhere between $5 and $15 (some of those were best offer listings and another at $11.99 was with free shipping).

Seems sets mixed with other Savage Shore issues are selling quite well.

January 23rd

Middlewest #1 3rd Printing – 5,095

New printing. New cover. Not much love on the secondary market. This one still has potential though over time if the series continues to get great reviews and if it’s ever optioned, well, that’s another story.

You can still find this for cover price.

Crypt of Shadows One-Shot – 20,299

Sold out online quickly but not much love on the secondary market. A lot of recent sales put this under the cover price mark. So if you missed out, hit up eBay, some have sold for under $2.

Immortal Hulk #12 – 41,331

Sets of 1-12 and even 13 are selling well. A recent lot sold for $280. that’s not bad if they bought these at cover price. $50 worth of books for $280 or so.

But this issue is being deemed as the first appearance of the One Below All, perhaps in his spiritual form instead of hijacking others bodies. I’m behind on my readings and I have not cracked open any of the later issues (I also admit, I haven’t picked up past #10 as I’m just waiting on the trades to read this in one sitting, unless MU starts releasing the issues faster).

This is probably the best series of 2018 and still leading most titles into 2019. These are selling out fast, most issues have or are getting more printings. So it’s just wise to pick these up or pre-order ahead of time if you can.

A/B cover lots for #12  were easily selling into the mid $20 range at their peaks, making this a solid $12 book to start off. Recent sales put this at $18 range but that sold listing was with free shipping.

If you missed out on issue #12, you can still order the second print at TFAW.

Don’t miss the upcoming issues either. Immortal Hulk #13 (2nd Printing), Immortal Hulk #15, Immortal Hulk #16, Immortal Hulk #17 and Immortal Hulk #18 are all available to order still. Even issue #1 is getting a new 4th Printing.

Heroes at Large #1 – ??

Initially a $20 book but recent sales put it around cover price, with a few reaching $10 or so.

I’m pretty sure there’s more than 208 so not sure why it didn’t make January’s Comichron list.

Still not a bad pickup if you find’em for cover or cheap. But tread carefully, probably not worth picking up to flip or make any money at this point.

Punchline #3 – 1,579

This reached a peak of around $15 but is now just a solid $6 book on average. Probably not worth the hassle in flipping, still plenty out there so for quick sales, would have to sell for a bit over cover to unload. Not worth the hassle if you ask me. Buy if you’re reading and missed out, now’s the time to buy cheap for reading or personal collection.

Blossoms 666 #1 Hack Variant – 10,515

Sold out at most retailers but not much love on the secondary market. A few sales flirted towards the $10 mark but this is a cover price book. I stopped spec’ing on Archie books.

You can still find most of the other variant and regular covers online or at your local shops for this book.

Lady Death Hellraiders #1 Bombshell Bombshell Cover – 5,309

Signed copies sold well, some over the $40 mark. But this book was overlooked and was doing okay for a while as a solid $15 book.

It’s cooled off and seems plentiful on the market, making it a cover price book.

January 30th – The Dreaded 5th Wednesday

Batgirl #31 Artgerm Killer B – 33,287

A very sweet cover by Artgerm but most of his books are for the personal collection nowadays and are dead spec’s as retailers and flippers have caught on.

You can still find this one at your local shops and online. Midtown still has them limited 1 per customer.

Wonder Woman #63 Shirahama Killer B – 34,963

Great looking cover that was selling for around $10 on average.

You can’t find these at most retailers but sales are still anywhere between $5 to $10 on the secondary market. It’s a definite grab if you find them out in the wild but for me, it’s a personal collection keeper.

Spawn #293 BW Misprinting – 25,415

The misprint is still the one to grab if you can find them. Secondary market still putting this book anywhere between $10 and $20, $20 on a good day.

6 thoughts on “January 2019 in Review – Part II”

  1. CBSI had Naomi #1 on the honorable mentions. It will be #1 on this list next week. Tying to flip a few before the undercutters arrive. Fortunately it has a low print run….at least that’s what i’ve Heard.

  2. You can also pre-order the 2nd print for Immortal Hulk #14 on TFAW. Which I don’t know how since #14 hasn’t even been released yet.

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