MARVELous Monday

This weeks book that caught my attention while browsing back issues in the Marvel database is none other a story that puts Werewolf vs Vampire.

What book could that be? None other than Giant-Size Werewolf #4 with the primary story “A Meeting of Blood”, Jack Russel is Werewolf during the full moon that goes up against Morbius, the Living Vampire.

This is an early appearance of Morbius where we learn some more of his backstory and his search for a cure. Morbius first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #101.

Jack Russell is man by day but when the moon is out in full, he turns into Werewolf who is blood thirsty. Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night first apearance was in Marvel Spotlight #2.

This story starts with him (Jack Russell) turning from man to beast,  attacking the first group of men he encounters somewhere on the streets of Los Angeles.

Soon the story turns to a woman who is seems dazed, walking the streets alone but someone is stalking her from above. It’s none other than Morbius the Living Vampire. He’s not looking for prey, he’s been searching for this woman for quite some time.

This woman is Martine, his ex-lover and were engaged at one time. She’s suffering from amnesia from Daemond’s spell (Fear #26 1975) so Morbius recounts their history and what happened. She starts to remember him from his human form and asks him to hold her. Morbius as he’s resisting his vampire temptations for blood, Werewolf crossed their path and a fight ensues.

Dawn is upon them and as Morbius pins down Werewolf, with a bite to his neck, Werewolf starts the transition back into Jack Russell, his human self and form. Day forces Martine and Morbius to flee the man.

Martine recalls a key to a post office box that could hold something key to Morbius cure. The next night they set out and Morbius discovers in the box a possible formula that could be his cure. By this time, Jack Russell is waking up in a hospital but before he could tell the attending nurse his name, he turns into the Werewolf once again, attacking her and escaping, thirsty for vengeance against Morbius. He’s picked up his scent once escaped from the hospital.

Catching up to them near the La Brea Tar Pits, they fight and during battle, Morbius loses the formula. Managing to push the Werewolf into one of the pits where he starts to sink, Martine stops Morbius from beating him to death with a prehistoric exhibit bone, claiming this Werewolf is a man who’s suffering the same fate as Morbius, unable to control his urges. Morbius leaves while Martine throws a rope to free Werewolf from his tar pit death.

This issue also had another story titled “When the Moon Dripped Blood” but didn’t get a chance to read that back story.

8 thoughts on “MARVELous Monday”

  1. Love the classic cover. Anyone know what became of Jack Russell? Marvel should bring back Werewolf by Night…and/or maybe Dracula (who I know is currently showing up in Avengers). Give us lots of the retro type covers with impending mayhem. There are lots of possibilities here for guest stars…including Frankenstein, The Mummy, Morbius, Blade, Man Thing, and even Moon Knight. Get creative and involve borderline “monster” villains and heroes already in the Marvel universe, plus create new monsters. More Monsters!

    1. According to Wikipedia, his last appearance was during Civil War 2 where “Deadpool, upon the disbandment of the Mercs for Money, discovered that Russell had an affair with his wife Shiklah. Deadpool then promptly blew off Jack’s head with a blunderbuss.”


      1. Ouch. RIP Jack Russell. But since resurrections are popular in the comics world…a new Werewolf by Night series is still possible. C’mon Marvel, make it happen.

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