Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 6th, 2019

It’s that time again, new comic book Wednesday. We spec, we drek and we hope each week brings some great flippers while picking up some great readers.

This week DC looks rather bleak. Maybe there’s a hidden gem within the pages with some surprises but I’m not that optimistic. Marvel has some promising books this week.

DC/Vertigo Pick

This week’s obvious winner is like the Harley Quinn #59 (Chew Variant) cover.

But I’m not banking this one will be a huge hit on the secondary market so tread lightly if you do decide to pick up a few.

At time of writing (Saturday), you can still find these at most retailers which is a likely sign of how these will be doing on the aftermarket.

You might make a few bucks over cover by flipping these but I’m gonna say this is one more for the personal collection for you Harley fans.

Marvel Pick

This one is already sold out at most online retailers and it’s rare that a themed cover gets my pick but it’s just an awesome cover.

The pick goes to Conan the Barbarian #4 Mark Brooks Villains Cover and the cover has nothing to do with Conan (which is why I’m not keen on the themed variants).

But this made my list as a Killer B Cover and Anthony mentioned this in a final cutoff order post. So it’ll be interesting to see how this does. Sold out at retailers is a really good sign that the demand is there which can only assist in aftermarket sales.

My other pick is for Black Order #5.

But I’m not picking the awesome JTC variant but the regular In-Hyuk Lee regular cover.

I love InHyuk Lee’s artwork and this cover is just awesome.

There’s the obvious pickup as well which is the Immortal Hulk #14 which is limited to 1 per customer at Midtown, sold out at others and you can already pre-order the 2nd Printing before the first printing hits shelves.

Indie Pick

This brings out the kid in me for this next pick. A hilarious parody of the one of the hottest games out. This pick might just “blow” you away..  Get it? Blow you away?  Muhahahahaha…

Fartnite #1 from Keenspot is that pick. Most retailers already sold out (Midtown still had the blank variants but at the $9.99 retail price tag instead of the $4.99 price point).

I’ve tried playing Fortnite a few times and I just suck but it’s definitely fun.

I also believe when Anthony doesn’t get his spec video out on time it’s because he’s off playing Fortnite as well and if you’ve ever spent the night with him in a hotel room during NYCC, he brings on Fartnite as well.

Once Our Land 2 #1 is also out this week. I don’t expect this second volume to heat up like the first volume did but still a great pickup to continue the journey. The first volume was just 2 issues as this second volume will be a 4 issue series.

Small Publisher Pick

This week’s pick goes to the new Greg Pak title Ronin Island #1 from BOOM!

After a mysterious attack wipes out the major cities of 19th century Japan, Korea, and China, survivors from all three lands find refuge on a hidden island and build a new society.
Hana, the orphaned daughter of Korean peasants, and Kenichi, son of a great samurai leader, have little in common except for a mutual disdain for the other. But these young warriors will have to work together when an army invades the island with shocking news: there is a new Shogun and the Island is expected to pay fealty in exchange for protection from a new enemy…a mutated horde that threatens to wipe out all humanity.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

Justice League #19 Cover B, far from a Killer B. Why is Midtown limiting these to 1 per customer? If I were Midtown, I’d be giving these away just to get them out of my store.

Why Liefeld, why? This is already a contender for worst cover of the year for me. He does Wonder Woman zero justice on this cover.

If Charles Barkley was judging comic book covers..  this is how I’d imagine he would react to this cover:

14 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 6th, 2019”

  1. That Liefeld is the worst piece of garbage I’ve seen in a very long time!! How is it he gets paid for crap like this? Must get it up front because it makes no sense to me!!

      1. Let me try that again…

        “It’s a bad Liefeld cover, which means it’s an Uber bad comic book cover…”

  2. And what a waste of a good red goblin cover…putting on a Conan book. If this was a Spider-Man title I’d consider picking it up…but not when it’s got Conan as the trade dress. Stupid.

          1. I thought I was the only one feeling this way. I would’ve considered it if it was another Marvel title and not just a license.

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