Modern DC Spec: Naomi #2, First Appearance?

Greetings, CHU family. RIGGERONE here. What if I was to tell you that we have all overlooked something in the speculation surrounding Bendis’ newest DC hero, Naomi.

We have all heard about how Bendis had released a photo of Naomi from the yet to be released issue #6 of Naomi. That pic had her, Naomi, in what appeared to be some new super hero garb. (She appears on the cover of Issue #5 in super hero garb as well.) Now, this caused us all who didn’t bet on Naomi #1 on release day to rush out and get our Naomi #1‘s. But this speculation is for Naomi #2.

It is suspected by many that Naomi is going to have a larger role in the DC Universe, as Bendis attempts to leave his imprint on DC, in the same fashion that he did with Marvel and Jessica Jones.

In the Naomi series, Naomi feels a connection to Superman when Supes comes to Naomis home town in issue #1. This is where the rabbit hole begins…

This is the splash page from the guts of Naomi #2.

Look Closely. See anything??Look in the panel at the top right of the page.

At first I was like, “Cool! Thats Naomi in the future”…or is it?
It does not really look like the Naomi in her armour, that Bendis had previously shown us.

No moon insignia on her chest. In fact, there are not many similarities at all between the Bendis armoured Naomi, and the Woman we see in this splash page in issue #2. Here is the mystery woman again, from the bottom right of the splash page.

Now wait one second. The dude in the middle of the splash page sure looks like our mechanic friend ‘D’, from the garage shop in Naomis town, but he is also in full armour.

Who is he? What does he have to do with Naomis future, that he is shown in this splash page? To me, it seems like maybe he is Naomis dad. If you look closer, what is that golden pod that he is holding in his left arm?

It certainly looks like a…baby? Is that Naomi as a baby? Wait…that spread isn’t Naomi’s future, it is her past!!! So, if this is Naomis past, then who is the mystery woman in red armour in the top right panel?

Say, hello to Naomi’s mom, Chuniverse. If this is Naomi’s super powered mother, then this would be her 1st appearance, in flashback form. Personally, I believe that this mystery woman, who I think is Naomi’s mother, holds the key to the origins of Naomi’s meta powers. It appears as if Naomi’s mom has the gift of flight, as seen in that second panel with her fighting a dragon in the sky. If this is Naomi’s mom, and she can fly, then there could be a Superman connection there. I think Naomi’s mom will play a pivotal role in the telling of Naomi’s origins. She will fill in the blanks of the whole story.

I mentioned a possible Superman connection to Naomi’s origin story. If you look again at the panel with Naomi’s mom, there appears to be what look like Kryptonian ice crystals, just like the ones that the fortress of solitude is made from.

Naomi’s mother can fly. There are similar looking Kryptonian ice crystals behind her. Hmmm. This all seems to be tying back to Supes, somehow. I think. Hang on, I’m not done yet.

What is this, that we see in the credits of the book, as seen on the last page of Naomi #2.

Besides a photo of ‘D’ with his girlfriend (Naomi’s mom?), look closely at the end credits.

Why does is it say ‘By special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family’. The Siegels are the last heirs to the Siegel/Schuster original Superman story. I work in the film industry, and I am used to seeing legal jargon like this in my line of work. Including this line in the credits is very odd. DC owns the rights to Superman, and certainly does not need to consult and/or pay the Siegel family for the rights to use Superman. The only reason that DC would have to consult the Siegel Family, would be if they were altering the Superman origin story!!! And there you have it. My theory on were Naomi might be headed, and some major significance to her origin, as it relates to the core of the DC/Superman mythos.

This is all just speculating, but thats what we do here at CHU. I may be way off base, but I’ve been reading comics for decades and I feel like Naomi #2will be a key book in the Naomi saga in DCs universe. What do you think? Am I crazy? If so, let me know why in the comments below. And vice versa. I want to hear what you think of my spec. Either way, I wouldn’t ignore Naomi #2. This story is amazing and this may well be a key book in the not so distant future. It has one cover and a really low print run for a big two title. Probably less than 22K copies, imo. These may be worth picking up at your LCS if you see it on the rack.

*Edit;  The line in the books credits that reads ‘By Special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family’ has been incorporated with all Superman related books since 2016, due to a legal battle settlement between the Siegel Family and DC Comics.

19 thoughts on “Modern DC Spec: Naomi #2, First Appearance?”

    1. Eh, canon has never been set in stone. I’m sure people decades ago complained about this new Green Lantern named Hal Jordan who was a space cop unlike the original Lantern and his story. I for one don’t mind old things being changed or updated in whatever way if it gives us good stories.

  1. If anyone at DC has the power to tweak superhero origins to suit his new character it would be Bendis. They probably offered him that power when he came to the publisher. Reminds me of the clever way he retroactively inserted Jessica Jones into continuity with, “Alias.”

  2. That panel w/ the krypton looking ice crystals is certainly interesting. Naomi can not be Kryptonian though, if she was, wouldn’t she already have discovered her powers? Im thinking maybe she comes from a race of Warrior women that used to help protect Krypton, before it blew up. A la the Valkyries in Asgard. Whatever she is, im looking forward to seeing what her powers, if any, will be.

  3. Well, I’m 100% sold that you are right. The credits really sold me. I’m either super dumb or lucky I read this because I just ordered multiple copies… like a lot.

  4. I agree with you about specing on Naomi and her supporting cast, I’ve been saying it since the first issue came out and no one else was hype for it.

    I feel I should point out to you that the credits say “By special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family” because of a long legal battle that the Siegel family had with DC over the rights to Superman. That credit tag line is in every comic that Superman appears in. It has nothing to do with Naomi or this particular comic.

    1. Thanks very much for this contribution you’re 100% correct!! I read SUPES frequently and have never noticed that before about the credit. Good on ya bud! Fortunately, it doesn’t really change any spec on the book or the first appearance.. I still think this isn’t a simple “crossover event” with a litigation tag, I truly believe this story is heading straight back to the SUPES origin story.. It’s BIG. We’ll see soon enough. NAOMI #3 drops March 20. Thx again for your clarification, have a great day..

      1. And what does this have to do with the car superman trashed in action #1? Which was recently Unveiled in Action 1006…or are these events going back to the beginning unrelated?

        1. Great comment, I think at this point it’s all related.. The more you look at this situation it’s far too coincidental to ignore anymore. All roads lead back to SUPES origin.. Thx man!

      2. No problem. I think Bendis wants to make Naomi a huge part of the DC Universe. So far the comic has been good too. Hopefully she’ll be the character of the future for DC.

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