Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 95

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. The episode of Gotham called Ace Chemicals was amazing. Doom Patrol is kicking ass and Red She-Hulk Betty Ross could use some cosplay love, now let’s make the money.

1. Betty and Me #200 – Riverdale is amazing. Beware of the farm. Loved this silver age series classic covers, such as #14 & 18, and using this series as an example. Banky Edwards from ‘Chasing Amy’ was right, Archie is all about the, well, you know…. This is a final issue, tough in high grade $5
and up

2. Archie’s TV Laugh Out #106 – another Archie series, another final issue. Low print, tough in high grade. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in every issue, just snag the grade you want and enjoy $5 and up

3. Oni Double Feature #1 Second Print – First Jay and Silent Bob in comics. Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker and comic book writer in the world of all time reboot is coming. Kevin is the g.o.a.t. nuff said if you disagree I will troll you #testify $20

4. Oni Double Feature #12 – first Bluntman & Chronic in comics. Mallrats books are twenty years old, tough in the wild $20

5. Bluntman and Chronic Graphic Novel 2001 1st Print – Just a fun story $20

6. Chasing Amy the Manga #1 – rare manga edition of a great movie tough to find in the wild $20

7. Mallrats #1 (Kitchen Sink Edition) – Yes, there is a second print of this. This is a rare book pre-dates Oni Double Feature by a few years and is Kevin smith’s first work in comics $50 and up

8. Jay and Silent Bob #1 Photo Cover Comic Expo Variant -1998 limited to 1,000 copies has either Jay or Bob holding an action figure. Try finding these, I have been trying for years and will pay up to $200 for the set
including the figures that came with it. As the set includes both comics and both figures $500 and up

9. Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998 – Hellboy cover and first appearance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comics. Buffy is back and the Hellboy trailer looks amazing $20 and up

10. Hitgirl Season 2 #1 Francavilla Variant – this has it all, Hitgirl, the two greatest writers of all time Kevin Smith and Mark Millar, and a sweet Francavilla variant just enjoy this comic $10

11. The Beatles Yellow Submarine #0 RRP – The Beetles are a classic. The Yellow Submarine, how did they all live in that thing anyway? Did they have groupies, food, drink and drugs? What happened in
that yellow submarine, we need answers. Well, this RRP Diamond Retailer Breakfast variant came out in 2018 and is worth a buy at $20

12. Spiderman Family #1 – features Spider-ham. Also reprints Amazing Spider-man #300, the first Venom happy hunting

13. Amazing Spiderman #203 – with everyone chasing Dazzler books. Hulu you need to cast Ashley Simpson as the voice of the Dazzler. Who at Hulu do need to get money and other stuff to to make Ashley Simpson the voice of the Dazzler. This is the Dazzler’s second appearance and it is a great book to be finding in boxes nationwide at $10

Well that is all for this week. I am going to watch episodes of Heathers and get over this hangover

love you guys blind Adam out

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    1. it is a adaption of the movie one of the greatest movies of all time in a manga format in japenese lanuge a rare bookto find blind adam out

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