Kickstarter Spotlight: Gore Shriek Delectus 2020

Legendary horror publisher, FantaCo is Kickstarting a new Gore Shriek Delectus. This is a giant collection of horror stories from the epic series. The 128 page soft cover or hard cover just launched. Continue reading “Kickstarter Spotlight: Gore Shriek Delectus 2020”

Cosmic Detective – Kickstarter from Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and David Rubin

I’m a fan of creator owned content, true indie creator owned content. Sure, Lemire and Kindt are well known in the comic industry but you have to love the kickstarter approach for them to collaborate and bring forth what should be an awesome and entertaining read.

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Into The Coffinverse! CHU at Lady Death Kickstarter Party

Independent publisher Coffin Comics builds lifelong relationships with fans through interactive events online and locally. Coffin Comics hosted a party in Tempe, AZ for the launch of their newest Kickstarter – Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem.  It was a great night, I can’t believe how many awesome friends I have made through Coffin events over the years.   Continue reading “Into The Coffinverse! CHU at Lady Death Kickstarter Party”

NOVEREAL – Save The Multiverse Kickstarter Campaign Spotlight

In the future, humanity is on the brink of extinction forcing scientists to research ways to escape this reality. The human research division investigates how to access parallel universes. In an experiment, a girl is able to bring a creature from a different universe to Earth. Through this discovery, it is found that other girls are able to access other realities, a phenomena called the Novereal effect.

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Graham Nolan and Ominous Press Take You Back to MONSTER ISLAND

Celebrating his birthday in monstrous fashion, writer-artist Graham Nolan teams with Ominous Press once again to launch the Kickstarter campaign for his graphic novel RETURN TO MONSTER ISLAND today.

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Once Our Land 2 – Kickstarter

Remember Once Our Land, which was an original Kickstarter graphic novel turned Scout Comics two issue comic book? Well, for fans of Once Our Land, the creator Peter Ricq is bringing back this popular series with Once Our Land 2.

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Gore Shriek returns in time for it's 30th Anniversary

One of the greatest horror anthologies from the 1980’s is returning just in time for it’s 30th anniversary. Gore Shriek, which has already successfully funded it’s Kickstarter, is up on Indigogo for a flexibly funded campaign allowing additional people to get it on the book.  Continue reading “Gore Shriek returns in time for it's 30th Anniversary”

Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal

DrunkWooky writes for

blast furnace

You can say that Blast Furnace doesn’t need you but you need Blast Furnace. With 3 days left in the funding process, Blast Furnace has hit $29,896 of it’s $15,000 funding goal. Continue reading “Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal”

Elflord Reborn Kickstarter


I haven’t a Kickstarter in a while and have two cool ones for you. First up is the return of Elflord in Elflord Reborn. Check out the art on this one. It looks like a must for Elflord fans and fans of books like Nonplayer.

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce Barry Blair’s fantasy baby is growing into an insanely action-packed new comic book series – ELFLORD REBORN.

Written by Mat Nastos – who worked closely with Barry Blair to start this new series – and featuring artwork from Tony Vassallo and Pedro Figue, the project is part of Outland Entertainment’s venture: The Barry Blair Library . Continue reading “Elflord Reborn Kickstarter”

Agent Chu Mini-bust Kickstarter

Agent Poyo contacted me this morning about it. Poyo loves Chew.
Skeleton Crew Studio LLC has started a Kickstart campaign to raise more funds for the Tony Chu Mini-Bust. I know the last Chew mini-bust they had, the Agent Poyo mini-bust, sold out quick and was reaching the $300 mark on ebay, easy flip material who those that don’t want to keep these magnificent statues. Continue reading “Agent Chu Mini-bust Kickstarter”

Terra Kaiju Kickstarter

I love Kickstarters. Many great comics come out of the crowd source funding site. I have come across one that really interests me and wanted to give it more attention. Terra Kaiju by Joe Badon is looking for funding. The nice thing about this one is the low entry point for the physical copy. For just $7 You get a copy of the book, with your name in the thank you section in the back. Not a bad deal. This one is a big draw for me as I am a huge Godzilla fan. (Will have to show the giant Godzilla attacking Baltimore painting hanging proudly in my family room) Continue reading “Terra Kaiju Kickstarter”

Kickstarter for Halloween: Zombie Highway

Quite a few years back, I want to say around 2006, I picked up a fun road trip/zombie book called Zombie Highway. It was about a group of thieves being chased by guys far worse then them and zombies. Flash forward years later, and I started to support a Kickstarter campaign for a book that I fell in love with the concept of, Suicide 5. I was very surprised to find out the book was written by Jason Pell, the same writer of the fun mini-series Zombie Highway. Continue reading “Kickstarter for Halloween: Zombie Highway”